Mother killed Egor Sosin made a fatal trip with the filing of the father

Убивший мать Егор Сосин совершил роковую поездку с подачи отца The billionaire wanted the son was cured from drug addiction. Igor Sosin admitted that he insisted that the mother took the son to Kazan to lecture on health. In the end, all ended in tragedy.

      Убивший мать Егор Сосин совершил роковую поездку с подачи отца

      The whole country recalls with a shudder about the resonant murder that was committed by the son of the oligarch Igor Egor Sosin in December last year. The young man took the life of his own mother in a hotel room in Kazan. The murder happened with a phone cord. According to eyewitnesses, at the time of the tragedy Egor looked inadequate. Doctors conducted a series of tests and examinations, the preliminary results of which confirmed that the young man was in a deranged state.

      Strangled his own mother Egor Sosin is not going to jail

      At the same time it became known that on the trip of Egor in Kazan insisted his father. The oligarch explained the motives for his actions that worried about the condition of his son, who suffered from drug addiction. Shortly before the fatal trip, his mother Anastasia told ex-husband that Egor gave a house party during which he used banned substances.

      Billionaire constantly called up to Anastasia and asked about the status of my son. The young man’s mother shared with former husband that the young man behaves inappropriately and is possessed by delusions of persecution.

      Убивший мать Егор Сосин совершил роковую поездку с подачи отца

      “I called Greg, made sure he slept at home. As it son it seemed to me chaotic, I decided that it is in inadequate condition. And then I called Anastasia and said that Yegor had a party in the apartment where he used laughing gas and “mushrooms,” according to the “Life” told to the investigator during the interrogation, the oligarch.

      We will remind, shortly before his death the former wife of oligarch regained happiness. Lover of Anastasia Casinoi name is Nitin and he lives in London. The woman had preferred not to advertise his joy. That beloved proposed to her, knew only the closest.

      Girl Egor Sosin: “He loved his family very worried for them”

      Be aware that his bride is no more in the world, the man was able only a few days after the tragedy. On his page on “Facebook” Nitin posted a touching video. He edited a nine-minute video, which consists of successive joint photographs from the personal archive. One of them shows that the man proposing to his beloved, and on the other she’s smiling, trying on the ring. “My dear Anastasia! I will always remember the time spent with you and the happiness you brought me. Thanks that linked his life with me. Rest in peace. All my love. Your Vulvic,” wrote Nitin.

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