Мать Дженнифер Энистон ушла из жизни в возрасте 79 лет

Mother Jennifer aniston — actress Nancy Dow died at the age of 79 years. Sad news, the actress announced yesterday, may 25.

I and my brother John with sadness we have to announce that our mother, Nancy Dow died. She was 79 years old, and her last days peacefully passed surrounded by loved ones, she fought a long illness. We ask you to respect the right of our family to privacy, now we mourn the loss,

— quoted aniston’s edition of US Weekly.

Note that Nancy DOE was urgently hospitalized from a private house a few days ago. Neighbors told reporters that Nancy led a very isolated life, and almost no one spoke.

Мать Дженнифер Энистон ушла из жизни в возрасте 79 лет
Nancy Dou

Note that Jennifer aniston had been rather strained relationship with her mother, the last few years they did not communicate. In an interview, Jennifer said that her mother constantly criticized her appearance, job, family, no children.

I can’t forgive her. She only criticized me my whole life. She was a model, famous and beautiful, but I wasn’t. I was never consistent with her ideals

— told the last star of the cult series “Friends” (Friends).

Мать Дженнифер Энистон ушла из жизни в возрасте 79 лет
Jennifer Aniston

The conflict of the actress with her mother lasts for over ten years. Some sources insist that Nancy DOE accused Jen and her older brother John for the fact that after the birth of her own acting career did not work out. According to another version, the cause of the conflict is that aniston can’t forgive mother’s scandalous memoir “Mother, daughter, friend: memories” (From Mother and Daughter to Friends: A Memoir), in which Nancy has put on display not the best quality daughter.

Jennifer aniston was not invited mother to the wedding with brad pitt in 2000, to attend the wedding with Justin Theroux Nancy, too, was not invited. Still, it remains unclear whether forgive Jen her mother before she died.

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