Mother Irina Shayk supports her daughter in everything

Мама Ирины Шейк поддерживает дочь во всем
A couple of months ago Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper became the happy parents of a wonderful girl who received an unusual name, Lea de Shane Shake Cooper.

Мама Ирины Шейк поддерживает дочь во всем

The parents of a newborn daughter live in a mansion in Los Angeles. Bradley took responsibility for the birth of a female heir and a specially repaired building to the birth of a daughter.

Мама Ирины Шейк поддерживает дочь во всем

Irina has managed to return from maternity leave and is a frequent guest of secular parties. To help with the baby to the new parents came mother Irene.

“Irina and the baby feel great. Her mom is also in town, helping her with the birth of the child. Bradley communicates with Irina throughout the day. It is difficult for him to be away from the child, but it should work. But they call in facetime at all possible interruptions”, – say, surrounded by couples.

Speaking of Bradley and Irina have not legalized relationships, but quite often there is information about the wedding.

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