Теща Вадима Казаченко возмущена его действиями
For a long time ex-wife Vadim and Olga Kozachenko sort out the relations in court.

Теща Вадима Казаченко возмущена его действиями

First, singer does not believe that the son of Olga is his biological child, but this was proved by a DNA test, and now he intends to sue her country house, which, according to him, invested their money.

Теща Вадима Казаченко возмущена его действиями

“Vadim persuaded me to sell my luxury apartment in Moscow, which at that time was worth half a million dollars. He argued that it is necessary for the good of the family, and I was strongly against. I wanted to share in this house designed for me, but Olga was entrusted to Vadim did not even know what can happen something similar. She designed the house herself, and now there are courts for this house, although Vadim does not have any relation to it. There after buying the house was still, and she went to Vadim. What he did with the money is unknown,” says the mother of Olga.

Kazachenko has continued to deny all accusations and claims that have posted a lot of money to repair the house, so he claims to be.

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