Mother-in-law of the Director of DJ Groove demanded money from him for being with his daughter

Теща директора DJ Грува требовала у него деньги за общение с дочерью According to some, Denis Kalinin, a suspect in the murder of the mother of the wife, concluded with her agreement. The man was obliged to follow a list of rules, including paying Tatyana Ivanovna on a number of points relating to the child.
Теща директора DJ Грува требовала у него деньги за общение с дочерью

In early March, Denis Kalinin, arranged concerts of DJ Groove, Alexander Medvedev and Katya Chekhova, was arrested on suspicion of murder. According to investigators, the man strangled the mother after between relatives there was a conflict. Relatives and friends Kalinin gathered in the Studio of “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1” to understand the confusing situation. Many friends of Denis’t believe he could raise a hand against the mother of his wife. The investigation carried out by law enforcement officers.

According to friends of Kalinin, he often clashed with her mother and stayed overnight with them. The older woman put son-in conditions that were difficult to perform. Some friends of Dennis believe that the accident happened.

“In the past year, the conversation began with his relationship with the mother and common law wife. He said he could not stay at home and work. So he often went to the café and came to us, even spend the night remained. His stories made my hair stood up on end… For example, Dennis said that they are hiding property from their relatives. Mother-in-law wrote to him a whole set of rules on paper and wanted to assured them with his signature,” – said DJ Gruv (Rudin Evgeniy).
Теща директора DJ Грува требовала у него деньги за общение с дочерью

As told by the artist, Kalinin was supporting his family. The musician said colleague, a caring father who would do anything for children. Positively about Denis said Alexander Medvedev. The presenter said that he was pleased to work with Kalinin.

DJ groove noted that while there is no examination of law enforcement officers, so too early to draw conclusions. “I don’t think it’s murder,” he said.

Теща директора DJ Грува требовала у него деньги за общение с дочерью

At the disposal of the editors of the program was a set of rules that was posted in the apartment where he lived Kalinin. Andrey Malakhov admitted that this paper was very much surprised him. “I wouldn’t last a minute” – said the host.

The agreement signed between Denis and his mother Tatyana Ivanovna, consisted of nine items. Concert organizer has pledged to respect the house rules “in a communal apartment,” not to blackmail the relatives not to give gifts mother’s spouse, and to pay 50 thousand rubles “for each month Dasha [daughter] in the country” and to allocate money for child care.

“By agreement of the parties to charge Sales T. I. for the service of Darya, namely: cook, iron her clothes, stay as needed, I drive to class, and office equipment in the blue room” – as stated in the rulebook, which Kalinin was obliged to follow.
Теща директора DJ Грува требовала у него деньги за общение с дочерью

In addition, Kalinin has forbidden to purchase items and equipment so as “not to be able to vary them at showdown”. Man was to “be attentive for the presence of Daria’s milk, yogurt, bananas, apples, biscuits” and use the kitchen table only for the purpose intended.

However, Dennis continued to tolerate such an attitude and didn’t want to leave the family. The last time the man went angry and told me that the house there are constant squabbles. Kalinin complained that his wife Anastasia does not support him in family disputes. Denis offered his wife to move to another apartment, but the beloved has not gone to meet him. The janitor of the house where he lived with his wife Kalinin, admitted that he looked “inflated”.

“Tatiana was normal, just a woman, video. She was one of those who is not hypocritical in the eyes tell all. Could flare up, expressing their beliefs. But then calmed down and fine. Nastya rarely been home, she’s a flight attendant. (…) Tatiana told me that she was in pain with his son. What I don’t know. We’re all in shock that such a tragedy occurred,” says the woman.
Теща директора DJ Грува требовала у него деньги за общение с дочерью

Now Denis Kalinin is in custody. According to the lawyer of men, he sees the incident as a tragedy for all the others and feels guilty in front of their friends. In the program showed the letter to Kalinin, written by him from prison.

“Hello, my dear! The answer to both letters. Thanks for the support, it really helps me and gives me strength. Very worried not even for himself, and so failed all of you – parents and daughters. And it was all ahead of travel, work, holidays from Tiffany’s. In April, she would have dumped on the country. But apparently, fate had to dispose of. (…) The past will not return. Try to convey Nastya – that everything has already happened, and no resentment this is going to bring. Appreciate life, each other. In prison, understand it a hundred percent”, – with these words Kalinin addressed to loved ones.