Mother-in-law Nastasya Samburski crazy about her

Свекровь Настасьи Самбурской без ума от нее
Mother Cyril Gicevich considers the actress a very nice and kind.

Свекровь Настасьи Самбурской без ума от нее

Nastasya Samburski

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Mother Cyril Gitsevich — husband Nastasya Samburski — crazy
my sister-in-law. According to Nina Vladimirovna, Gicevic, son’s wife — a very kind and nice.
About this new relative of the flamboyant actress told the online edition of

“About getting married Cyril I learned from him, the son of nothing from me
don’t hide, we speak every day — told-in-law Samburski. —
The Nastasya we have long been familiar, and in Moscow saw each other, and to us the boys were here. It
good, good girl. Her image on the TV says nothing. We
husband very satisfied with the daughter-in-law, son is happy, he is well, it shows in his
eyes, and us even better.”

Nastasya Samburski married

Recall that Samburski married, she said
herself in the personal microblog social network. However, due to the fact that the actress is not
time played fans, and then telling about marriage, which really
the case was not in sight, believed her immediately. “Now we are really not
was joking, said Samburski. — Yes, the bride was in black, not enough money
on white. Bouquet not tossed because it was heavy and could accidentally knock down
with the feet of the worker of the registry office. I’m happy. My husband also is not in pain. Ditucci people,
when it is necessary. I loved and love, and what you all want”.

By the way, right after Nastasia got married, fans learned more about one
pleasant event in the life of a star “Uni”. Samburski became the new host
the popular show “Revizorro”.