Mother-in-law Glyuk’oza not approve of her candid photos

Свекровь Глюк’oZы не одобряет ее откровенные фото Famous singer periodically puts in social networks pictures of half-naked. Spouse Alexander Chistyakov star was already used to it and tries to react less strongly to such provocative shots, but his mother sees it all differently.

      Свекровь Глюк’oZы не одобряет ее откровенные фото

      Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova, better known to the public as Gluk’oza and her husband Alexander have been together for 10 years. During this time they learned to understand each other perfectly and are accustomed to the fact that everyone has their own habits and oddities. A quarrel in the family are never serious: spouses tend to argue over nothing. Besides, Natalia is good at communicating with other relatives of Alexander.

      According to the singer, despite her young age at the time of her marriage, she managed to get along with his mom. “Sasha is smart, considerate parents. I got really lucky,” said Glyuk’oza.

      However, despite this understanding, there are things which have outraged the mother of Alexander. In particular, it disapproves candid, naked footage that Natalia adds to your “Instagram”.

      “It has a completely different perception of the world and it is not always clear why I post a particular photo. I remember that was the first time shooting for a glossy magazine: there I was, shall we say, not completely dressed. My mother in law almost fainted fell over when saw. But Sasha’s father was on my side, he looked at situaciju more space,” recalled Ionova about the contradictions with the mother of Alexander.

      Свекровь Глюк’oZы не одобряет ее откровенные фото

      By the way, before Natalia showed very intimate with the coast of the ocean. There is a woman appeared before the fans Topless, slightly covering his chest with a garland Hawaiian-style. Likely, this caused outrage not only her fans but also her mother in law.

      Moreover, Chistyakov mother worries that her daughter is not at home constantly. “She’s more worried about Sasha: that I’m a creative person, that I am so often not at home. Recently said to me, “Sasha? It also provides you, why are you working so hard?”, – Gluk’oza said in an interview with “OK!”.

      Himself the husband of Natalia terrific understands that the singer realizes itself in the work. According to him, he couldn’t live with a woman whose only interested in the family. Alexander notes that natural positive energy Glyuk’oza always brims over, and he gradually got used to her insane and unbelievable. Like its mother, Chistyakov sometimes sharply reacts to photos in the microblogging wife.

      “How to lay out something, just waiting for a call. Recently I had a photo shoot for a personal archive. Filmed in the bathroom at home. Were I the stylist, the photographer. Shared on social networks picture from backstage. Sasha saw. Coming home and saw on the nerves. I’m starting to make: where have you been, with whom, what a strange photo? Imagine not recognize native bathroom! Removed the out of harm’s way. And even after his friends add fuel to the fire. For them it is a joke – “dial” Alexander and ask: “See what’s your doing?”, – Ionova told in an exclusive interview with “StarHit”. Glyuk’oza: “my Husband scandal, seeing me in someone else’s bathroom”

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