Mother-in-law Elena Zakharova accused her of PR on the death of his daughter

Свекровь Елены Захаровой обвинила ее в пиаре на смерти дочери The actress came to the Studio of the program “the Destiny of man”. For the first time she shared the details of his personal tragedy, told of the happiness of motherhood and a new boyfriend, admitted that he had received an offer. Boris korchevnikov congratulated Elena and said that soon he, too, will child.
Свекровь Елены Захаровой обвинила ее в пиаре на смерти дочери

A few years ago, the mountain divided the life Zakharova before and after. The movie stars his daughter died. Doctors diagnosed an eight-month baby has meningococcal infection. Some days she spent in intensive care, but to save her failed. After losing a child actress was waiting for a new shot of Helena left the civil husband Sergei, he was the father of Masha.

The actress was able bravely to endure all the hardships that have befallen her suddenly. And most recently, Elena has once again become a mother. That she had to endure, the movie star said in the program “the Destiny of man”.

“They’re happy tears… don’t cry. In the early days, when there was a second daughter, I could not believe that a miracle happened to me. I’ve been to this was, said to his Confessor: “Pray for me”. When it became known the date of her birth, I knew that I’ll be fine. On the eve went to Church, received communion. I’m so happy today, all the time, every night I thank God,” shared the actress.

Elena said that she knew she a child. According to the actress, the long-awaited baby rarely cries and is growing rapidly. “She has character, but for me the moments when she smiles. There are, of course, the tantrums, the cars, for example, but when it is glad is the cosmos. Motherhood is a gift from God, which I really appreciate”, – said Zakharov.

The star said she learned about the pregnancy. “I was on tour in Cyprus. Remember, all the time peppered. A strange feeling haunted. Believed that are just not rested, affected by climate change. In any case, did the test, saw one band. Have time to be upset, but after some time came the second. I thought that the test is defective,” says Zakharova.

Back in Moscow, the actress has asked her mother to buy her a couple more tests. Elena couldn’t believe my eyes when already at home again manifested two bands. “There was so euphoric! Of course, I never told anyone, only the child’s father immediately announced. It was a shock, men always, when they find out about this event. Even if you want children,” – said the actress.

The host asked the artist the name of the newborn girl. But Zakharov keeps it secret. “May I not speak, the baby is still not baptized. I want her to have grown a bit, become more Mature. Yes, and while cold for ordinances. Only feed her the breast, no mixes don’t use,” said the actress.

Zakharova with tears in eyes, remembered how lost first daughter Masha. In difficult times the mother of the civil husband Sergey has accused the actress that she did a good PR on the death of the baby.

“Imagine my condition, I was in a terrible stress… The report from the hospital reporters learned about the trouble. I always called some people, asked something, I answered. Then the mom said, I’m trying to do a PR on the mountain. The commandments of all need to forgive and impossible for anyone to hold grudges. But there are some things I still… woman to woman, I can’t understand… She immediately asked to vacate the apartment in which we lived: “If you want to take things child take. We will take it.” All this was after the eleventh day, I’m in this state, collected clothes of Masha. The enemy does not want this to survive,” admitted the actress.

Civilian spouse could not accept the loss and do not protect favorite at the moment. “Of course, Sergei was also depressed. This is his family, not to speak ill about people. Today I hold no grudge against him, wishing happiness, he married again. Masha, my daughter, she prays for him, too, up in the sky. I cried for a couple of years into the pillow, but people kept immersed in the work. Everyone wanted something to warm me during the filming, because colleagues knew I lost the baby. I am amazed how I was able then to look good. All this beauty gave me Mary, I believe,” – shared the star of the movie.

Zakharov said that in the hospital the girl could not make an accurate diagnosis. Only a few years later, after talking with other physicians, the actress learned that Mary could be saved. “Medical error… I spoke with other doctors, it turns out, needed a vaccination, but after a year of life, and she died at eight months.”

Elena shared the good news with Boris, she made an offer hands and hearts. “I still think about the answer. But I would like another child, if God wills. Ask her to do this. I can’t live without love” – said Zakharov.

At the end of the program the host asked the actress to refer to themselves in the past. «Believe in miracles. Always keep! Not to lose the rod inside each. As I carried my grief, I don’t know. I’m scared to look back. Then only forward and only to happiness and joy,” summed up Elena.