Мать запретила бывшей невесте приближаться к Василию Степанову

After star ribbon “Inhabited island” Vasily Stepanov “fell” out the window and had therapy in a psychiatric hospital Kashchenko, journalists contacted the relatives of celebrities, to see how he fared now. Brother Vasily Maxim is now his producer. Man brags that the actor has already started receiving job offers.

So, the Director Konstantin Maximov sees Basil in the tanker role, and the project of Natalya Verevkina Stepanov was to play the CEO of the insurance company. The fall has corrected the plans, and now Vasya only a cameo role. However, he rewrote the script and introduced the character in the cast. Shooting will begin around the end of June.
“Nothing bad about Štěpánov can not say. Completely normal guy: gregarious, friendly, working diligently and preparing for the role” — said about Vasily Verevkin.
Ex-fiancée Stepanova Daria Yegorova also said that trying to communicate with him, even despite the fact that the mother of the artist against their communication.
“We communicate with him on the phone – Mama washi opposed to we talked. I had strong feelings for him. Five years I was engaged in his health, took him to psychologists, accompanied in hospitals. Unfortunately, mother Stepanova forgot about it” — said Yegorov.
Friend Daria says that Basil himself is to blame for the destroyed relationship and his deep depression. The girl fought for his composure as he could, but he “didn’t want to do anything”.
“The kind of man he is. Imagine, every time he calls, she is different. Takes SIM card inserts into any touchtone phone. Then the SIM throws, and call him back anymore. Bob buys a new one. To look for logic in his behavior is impossible,” she said.
We will remind that Vasily for seven years, is registered in the Moscow psychiatric clinic. Problems with mental health, he started while still a student, hence his shyness and even social withdrawal.