Mother Fedor Smolov called it a break with lopyrevoy “trauma”

Мама Федора Смолова назвала его разрыв с Лопыревой «травмой» The mother of the football player told about how her son survived the care of his beloved. According to Irina smolovoy, the athlete was not easy, as his ex-fiancée. Interestingly, the family of striker of FC “Krasnodar” continued to chat with Victoria and lopyrevoy.

      Мама Федора Смолова назвала его разрыв с Лопыревой «травмой»

      In may last year, Victoria Lopyreva literally shocked the public statement about the breakup with Fedor Smolov. Many then wondered what could provoke a rupture of one of the most beautiful pair of show business. However, the former beloved reluctantly spread on this topic. Since then, both decided to focus on the career of the athlete has changed a football club and then became one of the most promising players in the country, and the model and TV presenter continued to work in successful projects. Despite the fact that went Lopyreva and Smolov without noise, as it turned out, this decision for them was not the easiest. Fedor Smolov of divorce with lopyrevoy: “I’m fine”

      Mother Theodore hastened to clarify in this story. Irina Smolov admitted that it is always very warm attitude to the beloved son, and that, in turn, called her mother. The athlete and model, according to the woman, was really sincere and warm relations, but to save them, alas, they could not.

      “Parting with the Vic lopyrevoy, I think for both it was a trauma, – the woman told. For three years they were together, I had developed a very good relationship when she called me mom, it was so touching and flattering that I appreciated. And Fedya, the gap is very worried. I am with Vic and now communicate normally. Difficult, very difficult… Maybe at some point the distance has played a role: Fyodor training at the training camp, the games, Victoria is making his career – and TV presenter, and fashion model, successful and popular, it also required a lot of effort. Do not undertake to judge, of course, but I guess they just couldn’t keep their relationship”.

      Irina Smolov stressed that at the moment of rupture with his wife, her son was going through a very difficult period. It was connected not only with the personal experiences of the attacker, but with his failures in his career. All this time, next to Fedor Smolov was his family, which sought to give him as much support as he needed for recovery.

      “Fedya had very difficult years. The game was not developed, and then there’s the breakup with Vic… It is possible to tell, grass – press, the fans, said the mother of the famous footballer in an interview Welcome2018. – Vicino name chanted in the stands… He reacted first painful, reading all that is written on the Internet, even tried to answer. And then I realized, perhaps, that it is inevitable for any well-known person: someone likes, someone doesn’t like. Not broken, not left to themselves. Perhaps some of his inner core helped, will power. Well, our parental support. But in General, it is purely his credit that he was able to survive. And with God’s help, of course.”