Mother died of Vera Sotnikova

Скончалась мать Веры Сотниковой Actress and TV presenter shared the sad news. Margarita Petrovna Sotnikova died, did not live a few days before his birthday. Users of social networking brought sympathy to a celebrity.
Скончалась мать Веры Сотниковой

For a long time Margarita Petrovna Sotnikova, mom of the famous TV presenter and actress, was in serious condition. In a television interview Vera Sotnikova told about the illness of a close relative. During the recording of the program the woman was in intensive care in one of hospitals of Volgograd, where she lives. Sotnikova could not speak about it without tears.

On Friday night, the actress shared with fans the sad news. Faith posted a photo with her mom, saying that Margarita Petrovna died. The star is very hard to come to terms with the loss of a close relative.

“Today would have been 89 years old my mom! Before the birthday she didn’t live 4 days. A lot of pain. I know one thing – my life will never be the same” said Sotnikova.
Скончалась мать Веры Сотниковой

In early November it was reported that Margarita Petrovna is in intensive care in one of hospitals of Volgograd. When Vera Sotnikova told Lera Kudryavtseva in “the Secret” one million, are unable to restrain emotions. Presenter and actress sincerely worried about a loved one.

In 2015, Margarita Petrovna took part in the filming of “Let them talk”. Then mom presenter for the first time I talked personally with his grandson Maxim. An elderly woman also said that rarely see my son Sotnikova Ian, but every encounter left her a storm of emotions. “She was born in Volgograd. Quickly he went to Moscow. There she had a very difficult job. When she came out, went with great difficulty. He [grandson] was running for the train. And then, in the 4th grade, she took it all. Ian I rarely visit. He writes me very nice letters, says: “A grandmother, no one,” said the mother of Faith in the broadcast transmission.

Earlier, the actress lost her older sister, which was close. Mother’s Faith helped her daughter survive the separation from loved ones. From Sotnikova left niece, the actress with a girl have a complex relationship.

Скончалась мать Веры Сотниковой