Мать Деми Ловато о передозировке дочери

The end of July will be remembered by demi Lovato for life, because then she snapped and ended up in the hospital from an overdose. The public was shocked, but nothing happened. Two weeks after the incident, Lovato found the strength to comment on the situation. She stayed in the hospital for rehabilitation, and while the singer focuses on his recovery, mother demi is Dianna de La Garza — gives an exclusive interview to Newsmax TV. In it she told the details of the terrible day.

Мать Деми Ловато о передозировке дочери

“I still find it hard to speak on this topic. I was shaking from the memories of that day. At one point I began getting messages on the phone — one after the other, I thought, “What’s happening?”. One of these people wrote: “I just read an article on TMZ, I’m so sorry. Please tell me that’s not true”. And then something inside me broke. I don’t have time to go to the website and find out what’s the deal, I got a call from the assistant demi Kelsey. She said something incoherent, and I said, “Kelsey, just tell me what happened.” Then she said the words that hear a parent is incredibly difficult: “demi overdose”. I was in shock! I didn’t know what to say. Never thought I ever hear those words about your child.”

Kelsey said to her mother demi, so in the mind, but can not speak. Diana grabbed the eldest daughter of Dallas and rushed to the emergency room, where he had been a demi in an unstable state. “She was in a very bad condition. I said to her: “demi, I’m here. I love you.” And suddenly she said, “I love you too.” Throughout this difficult period I do not allow myself to think about the bad. Now I’m sure demi alive because of the prayers of millions of concerned people and, of course, the excellent doctors at the hospital Cedars-Sinai. They are the best”.

Now, as Diane says, demi is recovering rapidly. “She’s happy. She is healthy. She is trying to get rid of their addiction and get the help they need for this. This gives me confidence.” Now demi is configured in any way to cope with the physical and psychological state.

Recall that in late July, demi Lovato was hospitalized due to an overdose of narcotic substances. 10 days she spent in hospital under the supervision of doctors, after treatment to return home was gone. The singer remained on a course of rehabilitation to restore health. Demi decided capital to deal with the problem, so back to the “scary” house, where he took an overdose, she’s not going.

Portal TMZ reported that the singer was put up for sale a house in the Hollywood hills where the incident occurred. Appointed for the house price — 9,495 million dollars. Demi bought a house in September 2016 for $ 8.3 million.

“I have always been honest, talking about her drug problem. It is a disease, and it does not simply disappear with time. This is something that must be constantly overcome. Your positive thoughts and prayers helped me through all of this. Now I need time to focus on your cleansing. I look forward to the day when I’m free,” wrote after the incident, Lovato, thanking family, friends and hospital workers who fought for her life and a speedy recovery.