Mother Dana Borisova urgently hospitalized

Мать Даны Борисовой экстренно госпитализирована Doctors diagnosed women poisoning with psychotropic drugs. Her health is already out of danger. Mother Dana Borisova affected by the medication.

      Мать Даны Борисовой экстренно госпитализирована

      In the life of Dana Borisova occurred trouble. Mom presenter was urgently hospitalized in one of capital clinics. 61-year-old woman became ill in the first half of the day. She was taken to hospital by ambulance. In a medical facility Ekaterina Borisova was diagnosed with “poisoning unknown psychotropic drugs”.

      It is worth noting that earlier in the press already appeared information that the TV presenter mother is not quite healthy lifestyle. The Network even got a video in which the woman is in a state resembling alcoholic intoxication. The video was captured, as the woman sits on the floor and weakly responds to the voices.

      Recall, Dana Borisova and her mother is not the first complicated relationship. So, witnesses to a major quarrel between, seemingly, the native people became the audience of a television. Mom and daughter had it out before the lenses of cameras. Catherine claimed that her heiress is an alcoholic, and that, in turn, accused her of meddling in private life.

      Anyway, at this time, Catherine told the doctors that took psychotropic drugs in the process of self-medication, as found “LifeNews”. The publication claims that drugs for depression without prescription the woman began to take on the background of numerous quarrels with her daughter.

      The status of women by doctors as moderate. Most likely, it will have to spend in hospital a few more days. It is not excluded that sudden unhappiness with Catherine will melt the ice between her and her famous daughter.

      Meanwhile, in the life Given the not so long ago there were serious problems. Borisov admitted that the past few months, struggled with anorexia. She even had to seek help from professionals, because health began to rapidly deteriorate. Fortunately, now the star of the ether gained the necessary weight.

      “I realized that the trouble with me, – said the TV presenter. – I stopped by the store, asked for the biggest fat sour cream, because I could only liquid to shove, and hate was eating this cream once a day. I knew that I would die, probably soon. I fainting fell…”

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