Mother Dana Borisova showed the conditions in which she lives

Мать Даны Борисовой показала, в каких условиях она живет The woman invited journalists to the apartment where for three years is being renovated. Cousin Dana Borisova argues that not getting huge fees for their appearances on television shows. Moreover, she plans to take a loan to repair her house in order.
Мать Даны Борисовой показала, в каких условиях она живет

Now Dana Borisova lives in two countries, as it continues to undergo treatment in Thailand, but often participates in Russian TV programmes. The young woman admits that during his visits to Moscow live in the hotel. Talking to the journalists of the program “You wouldn’t believe!” she told, why are not there in their luxury apartment in elite residential complex.

According to Borisova, she’s just missing the keys to the apartment. The presenter claims that the mother owns her property and has already passed from the apartment all valuable things.

“I couldn’t get into the apartment, since my mom took my keys. In the end it turned out that it had already led to people showing the apartment. Wanted to let and tenants to exist on the money,” said Dana.

The presenter no doubt that the mother earns well on numerous interviews, which gives about the state of her health. The Katherine denies the accusations. To prove innocence, the woman invited journalists to an apartment in Crimea, which it owns. For three years mother stars could not finish repairing and living with bare walls.

“Bought the apartment my daughter, so I claim no share in her real estate. Dana says that I have an incredible renovation. While I put in order only kitchen and bathroom, no more money. I think it has to take the credit. Before paying for This apartment in Moscow, but in October stopped doing it, now let yourself,” said the woman.
Мать Даны Борисовой показала, в каких условиях она живет

Ekaterina Borisova is no denying that really wanted to rent an apartment for her daughter, but at her own request. Dana allegedly came to the conclusion that the property must not be empty in her absence. However, when mom found tenants for some reason this led the presenter in a rage. That’s why to your apartment so no one came.

“I couldn’t stand any belongings from her apartment. Why would I do that? I get a good pension, more than twenty thousand rubles is enough for me. This machine I’m really sold, but again, at her request. I had power of attorney from the daughter, and without it I would have nothing to turn the are unable. This is always so: in one moment you can be her friend, and the other has become the enemy,” – said Ekaterina Ivanovna.

According to the presenter, the mother not only stole her belongings, but also destroyed personal life. A young woman claims that mother always had a lot of energy, so she actively interfered in the Affairs of others.

However, Katherine and did not see his guilt. She told that his daughter’s marriage with businessman Andrey Tishchenko collapsed because of This addiction to illegal substances. According to the mother star choice Borisova did not know about her addiction. As soon as this became known, he broke all relations with her.

Now the only thing a parent wants well-known TV presenter is returning daughter. “She’s at the clinic just six months. Will return to Moscow and will break. Yes, let them speak about me what he wants, but would never touch these substances,” said Ekaterina Ivanovna.