Mother Dana Borisova made her drink a sedative drugs

Мать Даны Борисовой заставляла ее пить успокоительные препараты According to the presenter, Ekaterina Ivanovna – a sick man. The celebrity claims that the mother had used potent drugs and indulged in alcohol when he experienced stress.

After returning from Thailand, where Dana Borisova was undergoing rehabilitation from drug addiction, the presenter came to the Studio talk show “On the case” with Dmitry Shepelev, once and for all to find out the relationship with his mother Ekaterina Ivanovna. The blonde told the guests and the expert guests and experts of the Studio because of what start to use potent drugs and alcohol.

“I couldn’t calm down. It started at 16, when I could not sleep, probably, I had a destructive childhood, before my eyes was the example of parents, they twice went. Plus the imprint of the profession, I before shooting herself very wound up and not sleep all night,” said Dana.

According to the presenter, in recent years, she leaned on sleeping pills and other drugs, eating them by the handful. The first person who gave celebrity such drugs, was mother. “Because mom always wanted to save me, so I didn’t suffer, she acted with the best of intentions,” – said Borisov.

Then the presenter revealed that the effect of supplementation did not give desirable result, and Katherine began to increase the dosage. “I had the impression as if mom wanted me to see sleeping beauty,” – said Borisov.

Experts asked a number of questions Dan, during which it became clear that the cousin of stars, working on the ambulance, she was addicted to alcohol and psychotropic drugs. Also Katherine daughter put IVS and injections, so that she calmed down.

“Can we say that the behavior of the mother has led you to stress?” – ask the experts Borisov. She responded positively, citing the hypercontrol and liability on the part of Katherine. “Mom was addicted to drugs. She could not control her own life. My mom is a codependent person,” shared Dana.

According to Borisova, she defeated the disease is in the center on Koh Samui, where he underwent rehabilitation for six months. Now she copes with stress without drugs and alcohol, but Katherine, according to This and did not overcome severe addiction.

“Mom can’t handle, it is profoundly ill person,” – said Borisov in the Studio talk show.

Then on a visit to Dmitry Shepelev came Ekaterina Ivanovna Borisova. The woman said that she saved her daughter and brought her back to life.

“My recovery has not paid you. My child you are not promised my child is ashamed of you. You ruined the life of others,” said TV presenter mother’s. That Katherine said she loved Dana. Further, the specialists asked her at what age she started giving Borisova drugs acting on the psyche.

“When we had a huge problem, we brought home the drug treatment, doctors, inpatient not treated,” said the woman. Mom presenter did not agree with the experts that at the age of 16 due to pressure Katherine her daughter addicted to the sedative, but experts caught her in a lie.

Airtime transfer is not enough in order to work out the family conflict Dana Borisova and her mother Ekaterina Ivanovna.