Mother Cristiano Ronaldo spoke about the departure of the son from the sport!

Мама Криштиану Роналду рассказала об уходе сына из большого спорта!
The closest relative shared plans titled athlete for the future.

Dolores Aveiro

Photo: @doloresaveiroofficial Instagram Dolores Aveiro

Fans of Cristiano Ronaldo has little time to enjoy the sparkling play of your favorite player. After three or four years, the idol of millions can leave the world of sports. About this said the mother of Cristiano Dolores Aveiro.

Mother Ronaldo said that he will be performing at the Championships so long as I can for health reasons, but it implies that its limit forces may soon be exhausted. “As a mother, I often suffer from negative things written about Cristiano. Sometimes it’s hard. But try to get away from it all. Worried during big Champions League matches. Usually an hour before the game, I kneel and pray.

Prefer to watch football on TV because I’m too easily impressed, one even fainted at the stadium. So Cristiano told me not to go to the stadium.There are players that play up to 37 years. Cristiano is not a machine, but he will continue to play as much as you can, I think, another 3 or 4 years”, — quotes Aveiro, Le Magazine de L’equipe.

Recall that Ronaldo to 33 years had become not only a football legend, but also the father of many children. In November last year, a beloved football player — Georgina bore him a daughter. In total he now has four kids, three of whom were born via surrogacy.