Мама Екатерины Варнавы случайно узнала о ее беременности A relative of the artist was greatly surprised. According to Catherine Barnabas, the news she told reporters. As admitted star Comedy Woman, people often say that they with her boyfriend will soon become parents.
Мама Екатерины Варнавы случайно узнала о ее беременности

Star Comedy Woman Ekaterina Barnabas happy in a relationship with dancer and choreographer Konstantin Myakinkova. Many fans of the actress looking forward to her marriage with her lover. However, Katya still postpones the wedding, as too often worked on other people’s celebrations. The actress admits that already got the ring from a mate, but go down the aisle got sick.

“Actually ring each other we already presented. Perhaps they cannot be considered posolochnye. Rather, it is a symbol of our relationship: I have a bit of it, it is part of me. But we don’t take it seriously. As for the wedding, quite honestly, at this point I don’t want her. There was a time when I was looking at photos of wedding dresses in magazines. Now he has passed: I spent such a large amount of weddings, it is the amount of dancing bride and groom that just perenasytil,” said Barnabas.

The parents of Catherine would be happy if she gave them a grandchild. When a star puts on any bulk the outfit, many fans and journalists begin to argue that she’s pregnant. Once even her mother believed the press. Kate remembered how she was called by a troubled parent.

“Just a couple of days ago, overwhelmed mom said: “I just got a call from one television program, said that you were pregnant.” I said, “Mom, we yesterday met. You saw that I’m not pregnant.” – “And why are they so said?” Honestly don’t understand where this information comes from. Was at a bad angle in the picture – yeah, the tummy. So, pregnant. No tummy – then anorexia. How to please, I don’t know,” says Catherine.

However, the star is already what it will make mom. She watches other women who already had children and examines their behavior.

“I don’t like to mince words with children, I like to talk to them as adults. To me in my childhood too, no nankasa, despite the fact that I was a long-awaited daughter, late. My dad sometimes spoiled, but mommy can’t. So, I think I’ll be about the same as she. And even if you suddenly turn into a Mama broody, nobody will know about it,” says the star of Comedy Woman.

During the relationship with Bones Catherine learned a lot from Nigel. However, the young man had to take some features of her character. “I just coast said, “I don’t cook at home, linen washing machine, stroking the steamer, and once a week comes out of Svetlana. You are satisfied?” So everyday in our life”, – said Catherine in an interview with “Atmosphere”.