Mother Anna Ardovs refused to help her with the baby

Мама Анны Ардовой отказалась помогать ей с ребенком The actress had to make some difficult choices. More than 20 years ago beloved Anna Ardovs left her with an unborn daughter. The star of the show “One for all” dreamed about children, and therefore understood that she would have to care for the baby.
Мама Анны Ардовой отказалась помогать ей с ребенком

In March this year, star of sketch show Anna Ardova divorced with her husband Alexander Shavrina after 20 years of marriage. For an artist this was a second marriage. It is not scared the status of single mothers. Now she has two children – 20-year-old daughter Sonja and 16-year-old son Anton. When she was expecting their first child, lover left her, and the mother refused her help.

“Mom was against it and said, “You suit yourself, but I help you are not going to”, but in the end it helped. Dad was all in his last marriage, and he did not care. So I happily gave birth to Sonya herself. Really just wanted the child to this point, has to 26 years. I really wish I had a child. And I suddenly realized that I absolutely don’t care how it will be with the father, without a father, I’m married, I’m not married. I just wanted the baby!” – told Ardova in the program “Once”.

The artist coped with the difficult task to raise a child alone. Despite the love for children, she often had to make a choice in favor of the profession. She spent all the time on the shooting of the project “One for all” and also played in the theater. The actress admits that a year and a half lived in a crazy schedule. Ardova admitted to “StarHit” that almost haven’t seen my son and daughter – all the time I look after them a nanny. Anna Ardova: “Children weaned from me”

Anna did not deny that because of fatigue, she passed the nerves. She could take it out on those closest to you. When the children tried to share news about their lives and ask for advice, she was brushed aside – it was necessary for a short time to learn a script.

“My energy, apparently, was not enough, I couldn’t distribute it and give a piece of the family. It was only later I have realized that it makes no sense to teach a night text, because it is better to read it in the morning. Been to open, to learn and to go to work. I stopped in the evenings to engage with texts, littered with children, but I would just sleep next to them. It was my only way to somehow establish tactile communication. They spent the night with me in turns, then Sonia, then Antoshenka,” admitted Ardova.