Mother and wife of Igor Kvasha had concealed family tragedy

Мать и жена Игоря Кваши скрывали от него семейную трагедию The actor did not know what happened to his father. Igor Kvasha whole life trying to figure out how exactly his father died during the war. But it turned out that this mystery knew his favorite woman – mother and wife. However, neither one nor the other did not disclose the truth to the presenter.
Мать и жена Игоря Кваши скрывали от него семейную трагедию

Igor Kvasha would have turned 85 years old. He was a most talented actor and one of the founders of the Moscow theater “Contemporary”. Artist adored by the common people, he was truly the people’s favorite.

Last years Igor worked in television for 13 years he led the program “Wait for me”. Friends and colleagues Kvasha remember that he was offered to become the face of transmission in a watershed moment for him, when he for the first time in my life thinking that the theater becomes others, not the way he loved him. The program “Wait for me” Igor Vladimirovich has become not just a job, but something very personal. He himself experienced what felt heroes who waited and searched for loved ones for years to come.

Igor Kvasha his whole life wanted to find out what became of his father at the front. Kvasha only knew that dad was missing in about 1942. It turned out that the secrecy of the family knew his mother Dora Zakharovna. She opened her daughter-in-law, the wife of Igor Vladimirovich, Tatiana Putievsky, before you die. And made her promise that she will never talk about this Igor. The actor’s widow revealed the truth to journalists just after leaving Kvasha of life.

“His mother before her death said that actually a man came and told me that he was with his dad in captivity. Father Igor asked, if not back to a friend of his went to the family and told how he died… They herded them into a pit and shot them all. Igor’s mother took me promise that I never to it about it tell. Well, how was I to betray him. And Igor did not know, I he said. For him,” said the widow Kvasha Tatyana.
Мать и жена Игоря Кваши скрывали от него семейную трагедию

Father Kvasha was not allowed to the front as doctors, he had reservations. It would be possible to sit, but he four times went to the draft Board and still summon himself to the agenda. Many friends and colleagues of Igor Vladimirovich sure that the character he was definitely his father’s, because he, too, was always going to last and once something decided what I was doing.

Igor Kvasha was sincerely worried about every story in the program “Wait for me”, cried along with the characters, he believed, asked him to help and he supported. His friend, colleague and chief Director of the theater “Contemporary” Galina Volchek in the documentary of the First channel “the Gift of the heart. To the 85th anniversary of Igor Kvasha” remembered the actor wanted to leave the TV, because it is very worried. “I said, I’ll probably refuse because nerves could not stand”, – says Volchek. But he could not leave the TV until the very last day of his life.

Igor Kvasha died in 2012, his wife survived her husband for three years. Have Kvasha had a son whom he named after his father – Vladimir, are two grandchildren, Anastasia and Michael.