Mother Anastasia Reshetova dispelled rumors about operations daughter

Мама Анастасии Решетовой развеяла слухи об операциях дочери The model published a stock photo. Anastasia Reshetova shared with subscribers of the photograph a little girl in the company of his mother and sisters. Fans girls, was excited from the touching frame.

Anastasia Reshetova is an active user of “Instagram”. But in the microblog she rarely shares details of his personal life, preferring to tell the fans about their projects and work. In the account of the beauties virtually no publication with family members and loved ones.

However, before the business lady decided to treat followers interesting post. She posted a photo from the family archive. In the picture two little girls – she is a celebrity and her sister nestled in the arms of a young woman. “Mama’s girls” – simply signed frame of the brunette, placing at the end of the smiley sweetheart.

The stars made a splash on her admirers. Members of the girl could not hide her genuine surprise and admiration. They hastened to tell Anastasia that it is a true copy of her mother. In addition, the publication caused a storm of emotions in users, “Instagram”, she also dispelled rumors about plastic surgery Reshetovaa. Fans of the model are convinced that their favorite has a natural beauty, inherited from her parents.

“What beautiful! Just impossible!” “Cool. Nastus, everyone said that your appearance is the result of surgical intervention. Now let make sure that true beauty is a gift!”, “What a beautiful little girl!” commented on followers celebrities.

Many of the fans of the star expressed a great desire to look at her father. By the way, the girl loves to tell the audience about my dad and how his upbringing. So, in a recent interview, the brunette said that he spent his childhood in fairly harsh conditions. Her parent chose to raise the heir of the military regime: the girl was young woke up at six in the morning to clean the house and feed a family. In addition, the future celebrity was educated in a Church school. Anastasia Reshetova angry dad candid photos

I wonder what Anastasia recalls a difficult childhood with a smile. She is sure that iron fist of his father made it a successful and purposeful man. Now, thanks to the tempered nature Reshetova achieves everything by herself. The girl realizes itself in several projects. For example, recently the model has received the status of the writer. Star has published a book which openly spoke about their health and the way to dream figure. Also beauty has shared with readers the secrets of the perfect body. Anastasia Reshetova : “Today I woke up to another”