Родная мать Эмбер Херд встала на сторону Джонни Деппа в судебных разбирательствах

Родная мать Эмбер Херд встала на сторону Джонни Деппа в судебных разбирательствах

Judicial proceedings between the former spouses amber heard and johnny Depp goes so far. Recently the father of the actress even threatened to shoot Depp. But the mother-in-law, on the contrary, sided with the former son-in-law and tries to support it by any means.

Recently one of the American editions published secret correspondence mother Patricia, amber heard and johnny Depp. From the texts they were sending each other, it becomes clear the motives of amber. Now it is clear why she has achieved in court of requirements on prohibition of approaching it.

The journalists showed the messages first, immediately after it became known that the ban on approaching the herd took official effect. The woman wrote that text a secret from her daughter, she asked Depp not to get angry at amber and try to understand it. Patricia was very sorry that the trial turned this way, but she is sure that such actions are her daughter provoked the lawyers. It turns out that by law, the person who put forward their demands at the expense of the ban approaching, has the right to keep all marital property.

Patricia wrote that she and her husband were very upset when they learned that amber made the ban. They are truly sorry and understand the humiliation of this situation. Patricia sure I heard before this would have thought of this cunning lawyers push their foreheads against each other.

Johnny Depp a long time did not respond to the message. After a certain period of time, he decided to answer, his mood became clear that the actor is very angry with the former spouse. He asked the former wife’s mother whether it is how he currently feels. Depp I am sure that if amber didn’t want to harm him, it did not show to the world the rigged photos with blows. The actor also wrote to Patricia that is very worried about how this scandal to affect his children at their relationships with friends.

The woman immediately said to johnny and agreed with him. She asked me to keep their conversation secret and admitted that he loves him and considers his son.

It is worth reminding that earlier the court ordered amber to pay moral compensation Depp in the amount of $ 50 million for false information about the beating. As evidence, the actor gave the court a video where amber drunk attacks him with a broken bottle. In response, the former wife of johnny said that he’s bribing the witnesses who saw the attack from his side.

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