Mother Alena Vodonaevoy almost became a victim of medical negligence

Мать Алены Водонаевой чуть не стала жертвой врачебной халатности Celebrity tries to be as transparent with their members and often shares with members the details of his personal life. Recently Alain Vodonaeva spoke about how her mom almost suffered because of the incompetence of doctors.
Мать Алены Водонаевой чуть не стала жертвой врачебной халатности

Alain Vodonaeva carefully watching their health and tries to undergo regular screening in medical institutions. And recently the TV presenter complained that her mother almost became a victim of the negligence of some doctors of clinics that Vodonaeva trusted for a long time.

Alena and her mother were lucky that they turned for help to another medical facility. After a routine inspection mother celebrity was urgently hospitalized and operated. Vodonaeva thank a higher power for what they turned in time to good doctors.

“And I thank the cosmos for what we were there that day. From there mom went in for surgery. Preventing serious trouble. I must say that mum’s all right. We just had” – shared Alena in his microblog.

Vodonaeva complained to the doctors, who at the time, observed her mother, noting that they are incompetent in their field and do not know how to diagnose. Also the celebrity has promised to announce in the “storis” the name of the clinic where she was disappointed.

“Here I have a question for other clinics, where we went for diagnosis for their own money. What doctors those who “look in the book – see Fig”. All the names of those clinics, I’ll post in stories. Where to seek,” – said Alena.

To the question about what exactly happened to her, Alain did not answer, she only pointed out in the comments that everything is okay now.

By the way, most Vodonaevoy have health problems, but rather, with the knees – to them, the woman suffers for ten years. At this time Alena is forced to wear orthopaedic insoles.

“Oh, I have such a mess with them for more than 10 years. But started recently. In the 16th year to the operation sent”, – said Alena asked by one of its subscribers.

It was recently discovered that celebrities don’t need to resort to surgery to solve long-standing problem with his knees: in her case, you can do a more gentle manner, which includes special massage.

“And, by the way, I have a month to orthopedic insoles due to my doctor Getmanenko Oleg Danilovich. Do my knees and, as it turned out, I do not need them to operate, fix it. In the autumn begin to walk back on a course of massages to the osteopath,” summed up Vodonaeva.

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