«Самый умный»: что стало с финалистами популярного шоу Exactly five years ago – at the end of June 2013, the screens out the last series of the show “The smartest”. “StarHit” tracked down the winners of the project and learned how their life has developed.
«Самый умный»: что стало с финалистами популярного шоу


Arseniy Lameka became the champion of the intellectual project in 2011. The young scholar was born and raised in the Northern capital. Recently, however, moved to Rostov-

“I studied at St Petersburg University in the faculty of design, but took the documents, said the “StarHit” Lameka. – Disappointed in science. One day I woke up and realized – pulls to the Urals. Without thinking, gathered her things and hitchhiked with a friend under Ekaterinburg. The way lay on top of the mountain Kachkanar, where there is a Buddhist temple Shedrub Ling. At this point I had the revelation that my real name Arseny, and Coco. In the sanctuary a very powerful astral energy, so the time is not felt. Could not even tell how many there were”.

The parents of his son’s choice supported, not hindered.

“Now settled in the South, want to achieve enlightenment, this helps me a spiritual mentor Peter Uchanski. Try to go to sirajganj, continues the young man. Free time to do yoga. Still love the art of cutting fruit and vegetables carving. Past life don’t remember, I have rejected and do not regret it!”
«Самый умный»: что стало с финалистами популярного шоу
«Самый умный»: что стало с финалистами популярного шоу


In an interview with three-time winner Andrey Ovsyannikov admitted that dreams of becoming a surgeon. However, getting a degree, want to realize yourself absolutely in another field.

“Threw the medicine, not seek to return to it, working as an it specialist, – shares with “StarHit” Ovsyannikov. I must admit, in this area well-paid, and I learned to write code. Now plans to open his own company.” Endeavour Andrew supports his girlfriend Anna. With a sweetheart Ovsyannikov met three years ago at the University game “What? Where? When?”.

But to have the affair decided recently.

“Now Anya together, and I am very happy, continues our hero. – Currently working on a very cool project for the fashion industry. With colleagues create 3D models of clothes and hats. The main feature is that buyers can do to draw sketch things. So long queues and constantly engaged consultants leave in the past. I hope we will succeed! With “StarHit” said hi Tina Kandelaki”.
«Самый умный»: что стало с финалистами популярного шоу


A week ago Boris Belozerov received a diploma of the prestigious University. But to stop there is not going to.

“Bob passed all examinations on “perfectly” – says the “StarHit” Yuri Nikolaev, a close friend Belozerova. Now he plans to apply to graduate school. He is constantly busy. For example, works as a leading intellectual games in different cities of the country, also conducts such competitions in Moscow schools”.

He, like Andrey Ovsyannikov, long time sick, “What? Where? When?” but we have already reached the professional level. Now playing boys can be observed on “the First channel”.

“Boris, like all, passed the selections was successful, it took the team – continues to man. – He even became a captain. And, as he admits, a new hobby has helped him communicate. Before not too fond of contact with people. Of course, Bob dedicates his time to self-development, but also about the personal life does not forget. However, his family does not reflect yet, and is living still with their parents.”

«Самый умный»: что стало с финалистами популярного шоу


At school Nikita Torzewski decided that I will connect the life with blue screen. He entered the directing Department of the Kiev national University of theatre, cinema and television. Karpenko-Kary.

“Now working on a specialty in the capital of Ukraine – says the “StarHit” Torzewski. Met his love, Irina. We found each other on Tinder

– mobile app for Dating. Now we live together in my spare time I love to travel. Fiancee engaged in social media marketing, and still sometimes works as a model.”

Nikita jokes that look for relationship on the Internet is pretty corny, but interesting.

“The Ira know that I participated in the show “The smartest” in 2008, continues the young man. When she learned about this, I was pleasantly surprised. Now I try not to cry about the past. After all, we live in the present. Of course, sometimes I find the audience, asking what happened. Politely answered them all. Someone even suggested that I work as a model, it looks pretty much changed – stretched, fit. In my childhood I was fond of basketball, so the prerequisites were. And skinny boys!”
«Самый умный»: что стало с финалистами популярного шоу