Московские власти собираются снести съемочную площадку «ДОМа-2» The future of the project was under threat. The fact that the Moscow government plans to build near the place where now is the famous place of execution, highways, and in place of the Clearings to make a stop.
Московские власти собираются снести съемочную площадку «ДОМа-2»

For over fourteen years, viewers watched as young men and women build relationships under a sight of television cameras. During this time, “the HOUSE-2” many gave love, but the project has always been detractors. Some time ago there were rumors that the show can close on the initiative of some MPs, but it never happened.

And then, when it seemed that the controversial project is not in danger, over the Clearing once again the clouds gathered. This time came the news that the set of a reality, located near the village Letov Grove in Moscow, can carry on the initiative of the city authorities. In the near future the government is going to build a highway from Salarevo to the village of Marino, and it will be held just at the site perimeter. Instead of the Calvary, citizens will have a stop called “Antonovka”.

“If the construction is near us, shooting will be impossible to carry”, — noted in conversation with journalists an insider in the company that produces the show.
Московские власти собираются снести съемочную площадку «ДОМа-2»

We will remind that earlier set of “House-2” was located in Istra district of Moscow region. However, in 2014 businessman Alexander Karmanov, who received the rights to release a show, bought a plot of land the size of three hectares in Litovoi Grove. According to the calculations of journalists, the development of new Glades from the entrepreneur went about fifty million dollars.

It later emerged that the project of the future road was designed at a time when no buildings on the disputed land was not. That is why the representatives of the Moscow city hall were not even aware there is now an ongoing set of “House-2”.

The portal Meduza has not yet reported, when the city government plans to start construction of a new road. However, disputes with the management of the project “DOM-2” can make adjustments to the plans of the municipality.