Morgenstern asked Dilara to marry him again The day before, Morgenstern came to Dilara with a bouquet of flowers and called again

Morgenstern asked Dilara to marry him again From the very first the day when Alisher, announcing a new song, made it clear that he and Dilara were at odds, not everyone believed in it.

Morgenstern asked Dilara to marry him again

Morgenstern wouldn't be the king of hype if he didn't want to promote the divorce, especially now, when he is forced to live away from Russia, where money was made so well.

So, at first Dilara was noticed at his concert in Israel, but she explained this by the fact that she simply could not refuse the atmosphere of these parties. However, it is not very clear why, after the concert, she left in the same car with her ex. =”Morgenstern offered Dilara to marry him again” />

And the day before, the girl arranged a stream, where, it seemed, Alisher unexpectedly showed up with a bouquet of flowers and offered to start all over again.

And although Dilara answered “For the second time – No! Thank God we got divorced”, her words did not inspire confidence.

After that, the couple, as if nothing had happened before, laughed and passed the test for a good married couple and even discussed all sorts of problems, up to raising children.

This is like this Behavior of people who broke up forever?

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