Моргана Фримена 8 женщин обвинили в херассменте

The scandal with the Weinstein does not spare anyone. 80-year-old Morgan Freeman according to CNN, eight women have accused of sexual harassment and misconduct. Each of them worked with Freeman.

Моргана Фримена 8 женщин обвинили в херассменте

Assistant Morgan, who worked with him during the filming of “beautifully to Leave”, said that he often touched her, commenting on the figure and clothes. It is noticed not only the girl, but actor Alan Arkin, who worked with Freeman. He broke down and asked Morgan to stop ceases to assistant. From the observation of the actor confused and scared.

Senior producer of the film “Illusion of deception” said that he molested her and other women on the set. “He commented on our pieces. If we knew that he would be filming, in this day wore things that best covered the body” — quoted journalists producer

The witnesses to the disorderly conduct 80-year-old actor became not only women but also men. “Once I saw how Morgan came to the assistant and began to massage her shoulder. She blushed, and escaped from his hands. It was very uncomfortable.”

According to Variety, when he began a social campaign Me Too, a colleague of Freeman, who knew about his behaviour, predicted that Morgan would be next in the list exposed.

After learning about the accusations, the actor hastened to apologize. “Anyone who has worked with me knows I’m not the one who intentionally insults or deliberately makes you feel uncomfortable,” he responded to the accusations of the actor.

Quotation of Karl Lagerfeld here will be very helpful. In response to a journalist’s question about confessions of sexual harassment in an interview with Numéro 84-year-old designer said that “fed” them. “I was most shocked starlet that took 20 years to remember what happened. Again, no witnesses. All these accusations of harassment have become quite harmful… I read somewhere that now need to be mandatory to ask the model if her pose. From this point on as the designer, you can do nothing,” – says creative Director of Chanel.

Despite the negative attitude to the movement, Lagerfeld and Weinstein is not very fond of. While Lagerfeld has championed the stylist Karl Templer accused of inappropriate behavior.

“In the history of the poor Templer I don’t believe a word of it. One girl complained that he tried to get into her pants, and it instantly banished from the profession in which he excelled prior to this incident. This is incredible! If you don’t want to you pulled down your pants, go to a convent!” – emotionally responded the designer.