“More than sharks love blood.” – First about yourself and your new husband

«Больше, чем акулы любят кровь!» - Канделаки о себе и о новом муже The TV host candidly spoke about the relationship with your spouse. Tina Kandelaki posted a selfie with Basil from the Elevator, which was signed with the phrase from the TV series “house of cards”.

      Many fans of Tina Kandelaki wonder how she manages to do everything: to engage in production on the channel “Match TV”, to go to the gym and run a restaurant of Georgian cuisine. Television star believes that she managed to build your schedule, because she understands than willing to sacrifice and what not. Any free minute Kandelaki dedicates her family: husband Basil and children, Leontiou and Melania. Tina Kandelaki: “My husband is a fan of “Zenit”

      The TV star posted a photo with Basil made in the Elevator. Kandelaki described the frame of a passionate phrase from the TV series “house of cards”.

      “How I love this woman! More than sharks love blood” – signed picture star television.

      Fans Kandelaki called them a cute couple. Tina rarely shares in the microblogging shots with her husband, so fans looking forward to every new frame. Of their marriage, the General producer of “Match-TV” announced in June this year. According to the woman, they worked very long together, and Vasily was looking for her so that she couldn’t resist. However, they had a little “debridement” each other.

      “I think it is great when people are in relationships and some “debridement” each other. Our “halves” seem to us to be smarter, better, slimmer, than it actually is, and even in the low dark, you can see a handsome blue-eyed blonde. So have we with Basil: for the time that we are together, he dobridol me, and I him. We’re both all right with a sense of humor, I hope, preserved and self-irony. So we were not too lazy to make the effort to make our fantasies become a reality. That is, we are visionaries, but not selfish. We are capable of,” said Kandelaki.

      According to star TV, in any relationship you should be able to compromise. It is the behavior and help people maintain a warm atmosphere in the family.

      “Of course, any marriage is compromise, it is a truism. In our time the choice of people is very extended: it is possible to travel around the world, to communicate with absolutely different people, to buy any sort of food stuff. The choice of relationships has also become very diverse. People get to know each other and begin to exchange gigabytes of content. They are constantly texting, chatting on “Viber”, “Watape” and “Telegram”. But usually, quickly made friends, people as quickly and disappointed in each other,” – said Tina in an interview with “mothers and Daughters”.