More than 200 thousand people demand to revise the results of “Eurovision”

Больше 200 тыс. человек требуют пересмотреть итоги «Евровидения»

The author of the petition, which is addressed to the European broadcasting Union, was made by a resident of Armenia Artur Hovhannisyan. It was supported in 53 countries.

The results of the final of “Eurovision 2016”, held on 14 may in Stockholm, now only the lazy does not discuss. And no wonder. For the first time in the history of the competition, the main favorite was determined at the stage of semi-finals.

Room Sergey Lazarev proved so powerful that even the foreign media did not deny: the Russian participant is head and shoulders above his rivals, that he should go to the crystal microphone.

Disputes on this occasion did not subside, and only gaining momentum with each passing day. Among the outraged – the whole of Europe! Almost 200 thousand people signed the petition for the revision of the results of the contest “Eurovision 2016”. The Europeans speak of the past contest as a political battle, because the winner was not the one voted by the audience.

Arthur Hovhannisyan – resident of Yerevan and the author of the petition wrote: “Many believe that this year the winner isn’t the one who was supposed to win”.

Indifferent spectators who watched the contest from the beginning, urge the event organizers to pay primarily attention to the song of the winner of the Ukraine.

Here are some opinions vyrajayut Europeans on the site, where you can now sign a petition if the same does not agree with the results of the vote.

“I sign this petition, because the Ukrainian song had to win, – says Alexander from Serbia. — It was contrary to the rules, they used their situation in the country, and, of course, everyone felt bad for him, and that’s why she won. The real winner had to be Sergey Lazarev from Russia. It was completely unfair, this FESTIVAL was about the great music that gets stuck in your head, not about POLITICS. It was a big fraud.”

“In my opinion, this is the winner – a result of the political situation in Europe. Not Europeans voted,” said adriana from Croatia.

“EBU should not allow explicitly political songs in the show. This is a song contest, not a competition policy. People should support the artist (artists) because of the quality, not the politics” – believe in Thailand.

“Song of the victory of Stalin! At “Eurovision-2017” will be singing about Hitler? Political song won! Shame “Eurovision”” – outraged Ludmila from Greece.

“I sign this petition, because Ukraine used his position and brought the policy to the contest. Ukrainian song is pathetic. It’s not a winner. The Eurovision song contest and joy, but this year won song of the war. It is not normal! The real winner is Russia, and Europe proved it”, – says a resident of Germany.

Meanwhile, the European broadcasting Union (EBU) responded and plans to consider a petition demanding revision of results of “Eurovision-2016”, published on the website

“We are aware of the petition, the issue will be discussed today, and the EBU response will be published later,” – told RIA Novosti press-Secretary of the EBU Floor Jordan. He also considers it unlikely that the results will be reviewed.

Despite this, support the activists who signed the petition, and in the Federation Council of the Russian Federation. According to first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Franz Klintsevich, it is necessary to revise the results of the competition, but to convince the organizers to do will be difficult.

“At this competition policy took precedence over art, and so frankly it was the first time”, – said the Klintsevich.

This song really from the very beginning called political, which means the singer could not perform it at the Eurovision song contest: in the contest rules clearly stated that it is forbidden “lyrics, sayings or gestures of a political nature”. Remember, on this very issue condemned the singer from Armenia, which launched in live the flag of the unrecognized Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh. Azerbaijan immediately expressed dissatisfaction with the organizing Committee in this regard.

But Jamal in all the interviews claimed that the song is dedicated to the events in her family. And here, in conversation with the culprit of cracked and admitted that the song really has a political subtext and on the accession of Crimea to Russia in 2014. However, she had to disguise the name of the songs and in every way trying to distance itself from the politicization of his speech under the threat of disqualification.

“I wrote the song a year and a half ago. This was due to the events, when Russia annexed the Crimea. The title song sounds “1944”, but we secretly know that it should be called “2014” and the people know it. To say I couldn’t, she wouldn’t be allowed to sing at the Eurovision song contest is regarded as a political act”, she said in razgovara with prankerami.

In fact, the Jamala’s victory at Eurovision would be an incredible triumph of Ukraine. But the event is increasingly cluttered with scandals happened what we feared: immediately after the finale of the Verkhovna Rada Deputy Anton Gerashchenko announced that the competition will not be able to get those candidates from Russia who do not agree with the current political course of the square.

“In “Eurovision” next year will be able to participate in only those performers who understand that the annexation of Crimea and occupation of part of Donbass – it was a crime”, – said Gerashchenko.

Such statements are also contrary to the rules of the contest. The host country has the right to filter participants. But the mood of the Ukraine fighting so that the situation was commented by the press Secretary of the President of RF, Dmitry Peskov.

Eurovision is an international contest, and the receiving party must follow the rules of “Eurovision”, – said Peskov TASS. — All the rest is their competence”. On the question of whether Russia would refrain from participation in “Eurovision” in Ukraine, Peskov said: “Wait to swing a sword!”

We will remind that this year the final of “Eurovision” was especially dramatic in intensity. Were never as many decent rooms. But our Sergey Lazarev conquered European fans: his background, integrity and professionalism. Not only the song, but the unusual setting made quite an impression. In iTunes the song “You Agay The Оnly OPE” before the start of the contest firmly entrenched on the first positions, but after Lazarev showed my number in the first semi-final in Stockholm, he became the most talked about party this year. Bookmakers confidently put that Lazarev will be the first.

But the vote, which this year was held under the new rules, all our hopes overturned. The audience almost unanimously gave Lazarus the first place, but estimates announced by the jury was obviously biased.

But we cannot say that Ukraine received points solely out of sympathy. Jamala’s performance was still strong and memorable. The singer’s vocals and the room definitely left a mark. There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that it was in the top.

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