Еще больше реакций звезд на победу сборной России в матче против испанцев в 1/8 чемпионата мира по футболу

The intense match ended, and fans can sigh with relief, because team Russia in the world Cup for the first time managed to get to the quarter finals. The score was leveled off by the end of the match, and on penalties, Russia got the win!

Еще больше реакций звезд на победу сборной России в матче против испанцев в 1/8 чемпионата мира по футболу

The goalkeeper, who was able to beat the two goals addressed the fans. “The devastation! The joy of victory! Saw the second half, stoppage time, we defended. The fans thank you so much. Before the tournament I said: we should unite. And we did it!”, – written by Igor Akinfeev.

Victoria Lopyreva was at that moment in the stadium and best of all felt the emotions from both players and fans. “There are no words…I’m happy! ❤ It’s amazing and proud of you @teamrussia ⚽this is You today, wrote the history of our country!”

Egor creed: “the Most intense match. Thank you for this holiday! Thank you for this happiness! Thank you for these emotions! Akinfeev is simply the best! In the confrontation with De Gea showed what we’re capable of. The whole team rocks! Defend attack Spain for 120 minutes and win! Proud we are all proud of! Fedya @smolovfedor_10 promised — scored first from the penalty spot. Handsome. Making history.”

Lera Kudryavtseva: “It’s already history! I have not felt such emotions. It’s cool! Guys! Thank you for the victory! It’s just incredible. This world Cup will remember all.”

Julia Baranovskaya: “Thank you, my dear !!!!!!!!!!!!! Best !!!!!!!!!! One country-one team!!!!!! And thank you to the entire country that believed and was sick until the end!!!!!⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ Akinfeev best 💪💪💪💪💪 stadium stands and no one leaves !!!!!! This is our team”.

Valeria: “a Sense of pride overwhelms. Thank you to our players for the excellent game. I will not pretend to be a football guru, I know nothing about tackles, passes, drifting, but I say you admired the spirit of our athletes. They defended the gate! How they fought! As scored goals! I think today was a turning point in the history of our football.”

“Here’s to you and farewell! Victory! For the first time in history beat Spain, avenged Euros. Well done! Bravo, guys!” – posted by Garik Kharlamov.

“Still can not come! Go drink vodka for the health net”, – confessed Timati

Jan Kournikova: “This photo was taken last year, at the presentation of the official poster of the world football championship 2018. Guessed then that will spread, if we in the 1/4. The time has come. Igor, you and your magical saves and enchanting modesty earned the admiration of the country, you’re a real hero! With the other guys no pictures, but this is a real dream team! Thank you, guys.”

“We, my father in shock! How could they have win?! A miracle happened!” – wrote Leonid Agutin.

“Akinfeev is a beauty! Guys – well done! Worthily defended the honor of the country! Emotions! You prayed for millions of people! We believe in your victory” – said Mihaylov.