Всё больше знаменитостей встают на защиту Меган Маркл

Just recently, Kensington Palace has expressed concern about the persecution Megan Mark and Kate Middleton on the Internet. Keep track of negative racist and sexist comments in social networks and on other platforms getting heavier, so the Royal family decided to use heavy artillery. In the groups of “fighters” has received several new recruits, among them George Clooney and Tessy Antony.

Всё больше знаменитостей встают на защиту Меган Маркл

At the conference, Hulu George expressed his concern about the negativity towards Megan. “She is seven months pregnant, and she is persecuted and reviled, as once Diana the same story. We saw how it ended. I can’t tell you how much this frustrates me,” shared the actor.

In addition to George Clooney for the Duchess stood up and Tessy Antony, former Princess of Luxembourg. She wrote in Twitter post, dedicated to the Duchess. “No one deserves this. If you do not know something, say something. It is not good to talk bad about someone just because you’re protected by the anonymity of the Internet. Be kind!!! It’s cool! She didn’t deserve this,” wrote the former wife of Prince Louis of Luxembourg.

In addition to negative of polzovateley network, the next blow was the publication of a personal letter from Megan and her father Thomas. “If you love me like you say in the press, please stop. Let us live our lives. Please, stop to lie, to hurt, to exploit my relationship with my husband. I see you huddled deep in the rabbit hole and think no way out, but think about it – to live with a clear conscience is more valuable than any money in the world” writes Markle.

Megan’s heart is broken! She didn’t understand why dad says about her and her new family, it always helped him! “I have always loved, supported and defended you, helped you financially as I could, worried about your health. And always asked how I can help. Before the wedding I found out that you had a heart attack. I wrote and called you. I asked you to accept my help, we sent to you a person’s home. But instead of accepting help, you ceased to answer calls and prefer to communicate through the tabloids,” writes Megan.

Thomas Markle has repeatedly stated publicly that his daughter intimidated isachne, and the Royal family she is not allowed to communicate with the father. Constant accusations insanely tired of not only the Duchess, but also her friends. Five people came to the defense of Markle. “He knows how to contact her. Her number has not changed, — said the insider. — He hasn’t called or wrote, never”. “It’s incredibly painful, because Meg has always been very respectful” towards their parents.

Despite all the negativity and betrayal, friends say that Megan continues to love his father. “I think she’s always gonna be hard after what he did. But still she was his daughter, and still nurtures his tender feelings,” says the insider.

In addition to anonymous sources, the protection of a friend was Serena Williams. As reported by Kensington Palace, the expectant mother turned to the friend that I invited to the wedding, to help her cope with the bullying on the Internet. Serena appealed to the employees of the PR company to combat bullying, and said that he was going to help them. “Megan you need heavy artillery,” — said tennis player.

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