Памятник Олегу Яковлеву оценили в 1,5 миллиона Friend of deceased artist Roman Radov told about how the pass works for the manufacture of the monument. According to the actor, after a few weeks you will see the finished result, which cost the family of Oleg Yakovlev in a round sum.
Памятник Олегу Яковлеву оценили в 1,5 миллиона

Last year died former soloist of group “Ivanushki International” Oleg Yakovlev. The artist was buried at the troyekurovskoye cemetery in Moscow. A few months later, the Network has announced the collection of funds for a monument to the contractor. The widow of Alexander Yakovlev Kutsevol said that is irrelevant to this action. The girl was advised to only refer to it on this issue.

Recently, reporters contacted a friend of Oleg Yakovlev Roman Radov with a request to clarify the further fate of the monument. The actor said that the work on the monument will come to an end this spring. Its production cost is close to Yakovlev in a round sum.

“The work will be ready in late may, just in time for the anniversary of the death of my friend. Even a little earlier. The price of the monument — somewhere in the 1.5–2 million rubles. Not cheap, of course, but for Oleg, we do not mind”, – said the artist.

According to Radova, the monument is made of stone, and the facade is decorated with mosaics in the form of oak leaves – the symbol of memory and grief.

“The sketch was designed by a favorite artist Oleg Rustam Khamdamov. Mosaic will put another famed architect Marco Bravura. So, for a monument will cast in bronze bullfinch. In memory of 15 years, carried out by Oleg in the “Simons”, and of course the eponymous song. It will make the architect Andrei Volkov,” shared affair with journalists.

Each actor helps relatives of Oleg Yakovlev. Earlier, the widow of artist Alexander Kutsevol told me that he opposed pomp and pretentiousness. “Oleg always said, “Let’s just no “Bang” – shared it with “StarHit”. According to Alexandra, those who have started a campaign to raise funds on the Internet, trying to cash in on the name of the artist. Kutsevol called the organizers of the fraud, although according to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, it was the initiative of fans of the star.

Meanwhile, the legacy of Oleg Yakovlev is still a matter of much debate. The artist has found a will in which he left his property to the niece Tatiana and friend Roman Radovo. Oleg had a few apartments in the capital, which was estimated at 50 million rubles, expensive furniture and paintings by famous artists. Alexander Kutsevol not found his name in the papers, so she intends to challenge the last will of deceased civilian husband.