Monica Bellucci is looking for a job in Russia

Моника Белуччи ищет работу в России The actress has presented in Moscow the film “On the milky way.” Italian star starred in the film of Emir Kusturica, where she played the main female role. The film is dedicated to the events of the Bosnian war.

      Моника Белуччи ищет работу в России

      Famous Italian actress Monica Bellucci arrived in Moscow to present a picture of the “milky way.” Morning star spoke to reporters and answered their questions. Together with Monica at a press Breakfast appeared Sloboda, Michalovich and Emir Kusturica, has acted as the Director of the film.

      At the event, the sexy actress appeared in a purple dress, which favorably emphasize her figure. Hard to believe that this year Bellucci age of 52. The artist actively posed for photographers and was happy to see the Russian fans.

      “This is my third visit to Moscow, and here I feel very comfortable, I loved your Slavic culture is the combination of the tragic and the comic, the ability to survive, and faith in tomorrow no matter what,” admitted the star.

      Monica does not exclude that in the future will try their hand in the Russian cinema. However, the Italian no offered participation in national projects.

      “I am familiar with the works of such Russian Directors as Eisenstein, Tarkovsky, Konchalovsky, Mikhalkov. Two years ago I saw in Cannes, a wonderful film “Leviathan” in Russia there are interesting filmmakers. I would be glad to consider interesting offers from Russian Directors, but I have not yet received,” admitted Bellucci.

      In turn, the Italian partner on the film, Emir Kusturica is a frequent guest in the Russian capital. Some time ago, the Director was even awarded the order of Friendship for his significant contribution to strengthening friendship and cooperation between peoples, the preservation and promotion of Russian language and culture abroad, which he personally handed to Vladimir Putin.

      The film “the milky way” based on the novel titled from the collection of short films “Conversations with the gods”. The novelty is devoted to the theme of war, which the Director repeatedly raised in their works. During the Bosnian conflict, the milkman, who daily carries on a donkey through the front line of supplies for the soldiers, meets a mysterious Italian woman. The woman turns his life upside down. The movie comes out January 12.