Монике Белуччи исполнилось 55 лет

Монике Белуччи исполнилось 55 лет
Interesting and little known facts from the life of the legendary actress. One of the most beautiful women in Western cinema, celebrates his birthday.

Famous Italian actress Monica Bellucci, who recently stunned his fans with a new hairstyle yesterday, 30 September
celebrated its 55th anniversary. The aspiring actress, full name – Monica Anna Maria Bellucci, was born in a small Italian town and was the only child in the family of an employee of the transport company Pasquale Bellucci and artist Brunello brigantia.
After graduating from high school he entered the faculty of law of the University of Perugia, for which began working as a model.

And at the age of 16 Monica was successfully advanced in the modeling business. Secular life is so like Monica, she refused
childhood dream to become a lawyer and devoted himself to the modeling business and at the age of 24 he moved to Milan and dedicates himself fully to the world
fashion, but to stop at was not going.

Монике Белуччи исполнилось 55 лет
It should be noted, Monica is not only a beautiful woman but also very smart. In addition to his native Italian, Monica is easily mastered
English, French, and also knows the basics of the Aramaic language. And in 1990, the future star begins its cinematic
career and in the same year married to photographer Claudio Carlos basso but their Union did not last long and four years later the couple broke up.
But in 1996, starring in the title role in the film “the Apartment,” Monica came to success, made love to the audience and found love. Her partner and loved in the story was already known at that time French actor Vincent Cassel, who, in his words, fell in love with a young actress since I first saw her.

But romance of this pair was not formed at once. The reason for this was the freedom-loving character Bellucci, who tried to resist the attentions of the Frenchman, but failed. The affair of the couple in 1999 developed into marriage. However, the first time mom Monica was quite late, at the age of 39, she explained her unwillingness to motherhood, and in 45 years she gave birth to a second child. During pregnancy, Bellucci starred naked for fashion magazines.

In the same period, the publisher of Femme Fatale makes Bellucci in the top five sexiest women of the world. Although after 12 years of marriage, Monica and Vincent broke up. The exact cause of the couple’s split is unknown, but rumor has it that relations deteriorated due to the candid shots in the film “Irreversible” which shows the brutal rape scene of the heroine Bellucci. During the presentation in Cannes Kassel even left the room, and the actress admitted that it can not revise it and never will do something like that.
After divorcing with Cassel, Monica has long been lonely, until I met the young French artist Nicolas Lefevre. For the first time about their relationship began in the end of last year, when I saw Monica on a date with a young boyfriend. But this summer, the actress said that they broke up but remained friends.

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