Monica Bellucci daughters named Roma

Моника Белуччи назвала дочек цыганами

One of the most attractive women in the world Monica Bellucci is not entirely flattering about their children.

The actress tried to praise their thirst for knowledge, what they already, despite his relatively young age, speak several languages. But instead, it so happened that her children were “wandering nomads and Gypsies”.

In an interview with reporters, the star of “Malena’s” admitted that he believes daughters Roma: “Oh, yet is small Gypsies. Well, the youngest just a year, she still says little, but… older fluently speaks four languages – French, Italian, English and Portuguese” – said Bellucci and added that Portuguese girl knows frequent visits to Brazil.

In addition to the topics their children, Monica also raised the issue of female attractiveness and decided to share the perfect, in her opinion, a recipe for beauty, which others will admire you. According to Bellucci, the beauty of women depends not only on external data, and develop themselves as individuals. Monica is sure that you need to understand and accept yourself, and then the harmony you provided: “It is inner work that needs to be done in order to make his appearance. Because there are very lovely women who do not consider themselves as such. Therefore, we are more dependent on what’s going on inside us than how we look”.

Examples of true feminine beauty, which can be, for Monica is an Italian actress – Magnani, Loren, Lollobrigida, Mangano, Monica Vitti -and the Directors who shot them – Antonioni, Rossellini and Fellini.

“These women have become emblems thanks to the talent, beauty and femininity, and the quality is so undeniable that they can be said to have established the dictatorship of the world of femininity”, – summed Bellucci.

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