Monica Bellucci arrived in Moscow together with Emir Kusturica

Моника Беллуччи прилетела в Москву вместе с Эмиром Кустурицей
The stars of European cinema is preparing for the premiere of the film “On the milky way.”

Моника Беллуччи прилетела в Москву вместе с Эмиром Кустурицей

Monica Bellucci, Emir Kusturica and Sloboda, Michalovich

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Tonight in Moscow, Emir Kusturica will present its
the new film, in which the main role was played by Monica Bellucci. The Director arrived
in Russia along with the famous Italian actress and early morning star already
managed to communicate with journalists in hotel “Balchug Kempinski”, which offers a magnificent view of the Kremlin, Red square and St. Basil’s Cathedral.

Monica Bellucci

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Monica Bellucci admitted that has long been a fan of talent Kusturica and when she
received the script of the film “the milky way”, it never for a moment doubted
their positive response. Although the shooting took almost four years, and actress
a few months living in Serbia.

The film is set during the civil war in Bosnia. In
the center of the plot — a love story between the characters Bellucci and Kusturica. The authors
warning: the film is in any case not trying to restore documentary
events. The genre is more a parable about the relationship of Men and Women that exist
in certain conditions, and trying to be together, even though the whole world oppose it.

By the way, this picture is one of the most beautiful women in the world
she milks the cow, cooks jam, produces water from the well. Monica says peasant
troubles do not become for her something new, even in childhood she learned much of
the fact that then I had to make her the heroine on the farm in the frame.