Monica Bellucci admitted that hiding inside her matryoshka

Моника Беллуччи призналась, что внутри нее прячется матрешка

Actress and one of the most desirable women in the world came to Moscow to present the film “On the milky Road”, which played a major role. It was accompanied by the film Director Emir Kusturica.

Monica and Amir stayed in Moscow only one day. He was painted by the minute: press conference, interviews, premiere. Time to walk around the city was not. But to see the sights of our capital, the actress already had the opportunity.

— This is my third visit to Moscow, told Monica. And although the climate in Italy and Russia are different, I feel at home here. I was close to your culture, with its combination of tragic and comic and at the same time, the ability to survive and the belief that tomorrow will still come a new day. So I’m good.

According to Monica, she would be removed in Russian cinema.

— The story of your cinema Grand (by the way, the heroine of “the milky Way” stare the film “the cranes are Flying”. — Approx. “Antenna”), but modern Directors are doing a decent thing. For example, Konchalovsky and Nikita Mikhalkov. At the Cannes film festival 2014 was a wonderful picture of “Leviathan”. While proposals from Russian producers have been reported, but I would be happy to consider them. Who would like to play from the Russian classics? Perhaps this reflects my feminine side, but I like it when people surprise me. I would like to me someone came up and surprised offer. In General, I think that in Russia there is a lovely symbol of the matryoshka. After all, how many people are in each of us? — smiling actress.

Моника Беллуччи призналась, что внутри нее прячется матрешкаPhoto: Komsomolskaya Pravda /

The film “On the milky Way”, which is released in Russian cinemas on January 12, tells the story of a musician and part-time milkman Costa (he played himself Kusturica) and his concealing the name of the woman who is hiding from prosecution in his settlement. The events unfold against the backdrop of the Bosnian war.

For the first time we met with the Emir at the 2002 Cannes film festival, recalls the story of meeting the actress. — Got in one Elevator and passed several floors, without saying each other a word. Remember, left and exhaled. (“I was not aggressive!” – joked the Emir.) Then we met in Rome many years later. When I read the script, she was very excited. The Emir has created a vivid and unusual image of women. I would like to be as brave as my heroine. The idea of the film is that love can create hope. People who are not so young and with nothing to lose, find a new strength because of this feeling. And I also believe that love is the main life of the motor.

Photo: Ekaterina Saltykova