Monica Bellucci admitted that deceiving the fans

Моника Беллуччи призналась, что обманывает поклонников
52-year-old actress made a shocking confession.

Моника Беллуччи призналась, что обманывает поклонников

Monica Bellucci

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Fans of Monica Bellucci has long been decided
what she owns, probably some secret recipe that allows her to keep her
the ageless beauty, and in 52 years to look like her are jealous of her a
30-year-old colleagues. And Monica is almost perfect not just for
the red carpets where everyone can see it from afar, but in close-UPS — as
photos in magazines and photographs, which she posts on his microblog.
But, during his interview to AFP news Agency, the actress made a hit all recognition. She said
almost all of her photos are seriously processed with Photoshop, erasing the tracks

grateful to heaven, that someone invented Photoshop. That’s what saves us all!” said
Monica meaning and myself and others have not 25-year-old Actresses. ”
I do have wrinkles and around the eyes, and everywhere. But 10 years ago they still
it was not… However, I am very grateful to the editors of the journals where they publish my
photos that they are all the same “smooth” they are keeping a sense of proportion…” —
commented Bellucci. “Actually, I think this was
would do, but we are all accustomed to the fact that the appearance of the stars should be
flawless. But sorry, little “imperfection” can sometimes be just lovely…” lamented the actress.

Monica Bellucci

Photo: @monicabellucciofficiel/Instagram

Like honestly Monica, she doesn’t mind
not only to oppose the processing of images, but also against plastic surgery! “I don’t
understand why women are blamed for it!” — said the actress. However,
did she ever to plastic surgeons, Bellucci modestly

Incidentally, less than a week, the actress will again be brought before
the audience on the red carpet — at the Cannes film festival where Monica was elected
leading. It is expected to hold the opening and closing of the festival.
Curiously, for a photo shoot to mark the occasion, the actress tried on
on a new image — it was photographed in bright wig. This photo
she tweeted, liked her fans – they
came to the conclusion that blonde hair go to Bellucci, no less than her
the natural, dark.