Money can’t buy happiness: wealth makes people sad

Не в деньгах счастье: богатство заставляет людей грустить

The more people earn, the less time it remains for loved ones.

What’s that saying? Not have a hundred rubles, and have hundred friends! Only that few of us would agree with that. Because we are so eager to build a career, get a bonus, have an apartment in the center, a nice car.

But Catelyn CSW and Emily’s Bianchi, scientists from Harvard have proved that the richer we become – the more unhappy.

No, if tomorrow you win the lottery – that is, of course, perfect! But more often a high income are associated with large employment… In the end, the people that set for reflection about finances too much mental resources, stop paying any attention to the problems of others.

In order not to be unfounded, scientists conducted an extensive survey in which participated about 30 thousand respondents. The questionnaires were data on age, gender, marital status, number of working hours of respondents and information about their places of residence.

“The General trend shows that Americans who earn more than others, in General, spend less time on communication. In addition, they have significantly reduced empathy, i.e. the ability to empathize with others, even loved ones,” says Emily of Bianchi.

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