Траурный понедельник: сутки после катастрофы Ту-154 Hosted the day after the whole country was reeling from the sad news. The sudden crash of the defense Ministry, traveling from the Sochi airport in Syria to the base Hamim, was a shock from which it cannot recover so far. “StarHit” to find out what happened the day after the news about the plane crash.

      Траурный понедельник: сутки после катастрофы Ту-154

      The day passed since the tragedy that shook the entire country. December 25, the aircraft of the defense Ministry, the Tu-154 disappeared from radar, and then it became known about the plane crash that claimed the lives of 92 people. The news of this in a short time became the most discussed in the Network. Millions of people could not believe what happened. In a cruel twist of fate that happened a few days before the New year and Western Christmas.

      In a wrecked Tu-154 plane was flying musicians and journalists

      In a terrible plane crash killed the head of the Department of culture Minoborony Anton Gubankov. A few days before the death of the man gave an interview to one of editions. According to the memoirs of the journalist, talked with Gubankova, he was optimistic and was looking with confidence into the future. The Alexandrov ensemble he called “singing guns.” Anton Nikolaevich also shared his views on why the concerts in Syria.

      “I am deeply convinced that the work of artists at the forefront not only creates a certain mood of the soldiers and officers, but also change themselves artists. Many are returning to once again be part of the great mission,” – said Gubankov.

      The search for victims of the disaster

      All Sunday in the Black sea held the search operation, which was supervised personally by the defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. According to journalists, were involved 3.5 thousand rescuers. The day after the accident found the remains of 11 people and 154 of the fragment. The discovery of the dead difficult. The commander of aerospace forces Viktor Bondarev said that the remains of the Tu-154, including the “black boxes” of the aircraft, crashed 6 km from the coast, can be discovered today to the end of the day.

      The Ministry of defence said that the planes with the bodies began arriving in Moscow. Their identification will be conducted in the forensic mortuary “Tsaritsyno”, this will be DNA examination.

      Labor Minister Maxim Topilin gave instructions about arranging compensation for the families of the victims. According to the official, they will begin in the near future. Loved ones who died in the crash journalists and Elizabeth Glinka will receive one million roubles, and relatives of the military personnel – more than 5.8 million rubles, this amount includes the insurance part and a lump sum.

      General pain: friends and colleagues of the victims of the plane crash in Black sea

      Траурный понедельник: сутки после катастрофы Ту-154

      The causes of the tragedy

      The information now available to journalists, is very contradictory. At the moment the reasons of the incident. While the divers have not found the black boxes lost on the bottom of the Black sea, too early to talk about why the plane crashed. Recall that the Tu-154 was heading to Syria, disappeared from radar two minutes after takeoff and fell into the Black sea. According to some reports, the plane could disintegrate in the air.

      The experts were able to recover the trajectory of the crashed Tu-154: once above the sea, it began to turn towards the airport. On the last record of negotiations with the pilots are no alarms there, they work normally. After a few minutes the controllers trying to contact colleagues, but they did not respond.

      The tragedy with Tu-154. As we remember Dr. Lisa

      Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov, who headed the Commission to investigate the incident, said that the version of the attack is not considered as a major. He declared it on air of TV channel “Russia 24”. The official returns from Sochi to Moscow to report on the first results of work of Dmitry Medvedev.

      “We believe that the causes of the disaster could be either maintenance, or pilot error, but I would emphasize that it establishes a consequence as well as a special technical Commission of the Ministry of defence,” – said Maxim Sokolov.

      If the Tu-154 exploded in the air, flash could see a neighboring state, watching the flight, but that did not happen. In addition, according to the journalists, landing in Adler was not planned, and on Board the aircraft climbed only customs officers and border guards. These facts contradict the version of a possible terrorist act.

      Earlier in mass media there was information from witnesses that noticed over the Black sea a strange flash that could occur as a result of the explosion. However, how did you later find out to correspondents, it was observed after 30 minutes after the Tu-154 disappeared from radar, this was stated by the employee of the operational headquarters on liquidation of consequences CHS.

      According to the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Viktor Ozerov, the plane could not go the right path during take-off, but, as noted, no direct evidence of problems with the technique was not, and in 2014 he completed a major overhaul. By the way, earlier it was reported that the pilot of the crashed Tu-154 was a military pilot of the first class the major novel of the wolves, put “dancing” aircraft.

      Note also that some social media users were dissatisfied with the age of the aircraft, which was in operation for about 34 years. Many believed that reason could be malfunction of equipment. Experts in the field of aviation, denies that version, saying that the Tu-154 is a very reliable and predictable car. Put forward the version that its engines refused due to poor quality of fuel, but kerosene validation has shown its suitability.

      Later in mass media there was a message Center for information and relations of the FSB. There spoke about several of the probable causes of the incident and noted that on Board the Tu-154 there is no evidence of a terrorist attack or sabotage.

      “The main working versions are: getting into the engine foreign objects; poor quality fuel that caused a loss of power and the refusal of work of engines; piloting error, technical malfunction of the plane” – quoted journalists by the FSB.


      The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has declared Monday, December 26, day of mourning for the victims of the crash. Social media users have expressed condolences to relatives of the victims of the crash. “Can’t understand it! The whole day just thinking about it. No words, no emotions… Well, explain to me why this injustice is she?” – posted by Lera Kudryavtseva.

      After it became known about the death of singer George Michael, Sergey Lazarev has made a full of sorrow post on social networks, which sums up the sad events last Sunday.

      “What happened yesterday was a shock for everyone… First the news of the crashed Tu-154 with the artists, Elizabeth Glinka and journalists on Board, then the news of the death of George Michael… All of this I was again led to terrible, but a very simple idea – that we are all equal before God, that from death there is no immunity, and what we take then when I feel like it – this one is never ready”, – told Sergey Lazarev in social networks.

      In turn, Anna Sedokova noticed that 2016 was extremely difficult for everyone. “When grief happens, it has no boundaries. To be kinder, notice the little things, to love and appreciate in life. To hug those who now, because tomorrow everything can be different. And to do good today, to help not tomorrow but now. Yesterday and today – difficult days. Challenging year. And life is generally difficult. But the heat in the heart is able to heal the most severe wounds…” – this post did the singer in his microblog.

      Last night it was also revealed that on Board the plane heading for Syria was a former backup singer of “lube” Evgeniy Nasibulin, in the form of the Alexandrov ensemble. The man worked with the famous group in the period from 1991 to 1995. The head of the “Center of the estate of Igor Matvienko” Andrey Lukinov confirmed to journalists the information about the death nasibulina.

      “Flight, job flight”: the lived, the Alexandrov ensemble

      “Shock. With the musicians of the choir of the Alexandrov Anton Gubankov worked on the project, completed in October. People from the TV stations could face a hundred times in “Ostankino”. Elizabeth Glinka takes a lot, including organizing a visit to wounded children evacuated from Donetsk, Christmas trees. On the ninth of December was to arrange some help for her. Trouble walks beside him. The Kingdom of heaven to all the victims”, – said Lukinov.

      Based on the TASS, Interfax, RIA Novosti and the newspaper “Culture”.