Moments of happiness: Emmanuel Vitorgan showed the grown daughter

Моменты счастья: Эммануил Виторган показал подросшую дочку
Two months Ethel made the first flight.

Emmanuel gedeonovich with her daughter Ethel

Photo: @Instagram emmanuil_vitorgan of Emmanuel Vitorgan

As we know, Irina Vitorgan, who gave birth in late February, daughter Ethel, totally refused maternity leave. Emmanuel gedeonovich wife and I returned to the tour almost immediately after the appearance in the family of the young heiress. Baby Ethel at home during the absence of the parents left the babysitter. Now, when baby is a little older, the couple can safely take my daughter with me when I travel.

The Vitorgan posted a photo with the grown Ethel, which was made in the lounge of Sheremetyevo airport. The baby survived his first, and judging by the pace of life of her parents, not the last, in life flight. Emmanuel gedeonovich not hide that I was extremely happy again to be a father. Little Ethel has given the life of 78-year-old Vitorgan new meaning.

This is not the first appearance of the daughter pair in public. Not so long ago in the program “Hello, Andrew!” Emmanuel gedeonovich showed unique footage of Ethel, taken shortly after her birth.

By the way, the actor is often criticized in the social networks because he became a father at age 78. However, Vitorgan firmly believe that I made the right choice. “Of course, I understand all of that when my daughter starts school, I will already be 80, and when he wants to marry me will be more than a hundred years. But is it important? I have a lot of years were not so happy. It is an incredible experience, and the age of the parents in this case are not important. The important thing is that on light there was a new man. How about this, you can gloat? Now I have a better incentive to stay healthy!” he says.