Мама Степана Меньщикова умоляет его не бросать папу в беде The former participant “Houses-2” intends to submit a paralyzed parent in a nursing home. However, Nadezhda Pavlovna men’shchikova strongly against her son’s decision. She can not imagine my life without Vladimir Putin.

      Мама Степана Меньщикова умоляет его не бросать папу в беде

      Recently became aware of the fact that the star of “House-2” Stepan Menshikov intends to send the paralyzed father in a nursing home. Two and a half years ago Valery has struck a stroke. After this incident, the man began to need constant care. Committed by the mother showman Nadezhda Pavlovna. In the program “live” discussed the conflict in the family men’shchikova.

      Stepan Menshikov sends his father into a nursing home

      “Dad was a goner. I would not like to say such a word, but he’s a vegetable. God forbid to be better to make a euthanasia to anyone to strain. I just don’t want the father dragged the mother in his wheelchair. And so she put a blockade in his hands. I’m sure he would be better off in a nursing home. I wish mom was doing himself and his personal life, instead of sitting all the time with the disabled”, – frankly said Stepan Menshikov.

      According to Nadezhda Pavlovna, her husband can recover with a massage. When the means of the mother star telestroke was over, she started to do these procedures on their own, and then asked for help to son. But Stepan refused her financial support, citing the fact that he was forced to spend a lot on his wife and child. In addition, Menshikov convinced that his father already doesn’t help. On the video, shown in the transfer, dad of the star of telestroke almost constantly crying. According to Stepan, Valery Vladimirovich disrupted the functioning of the brain, and that affects his behaviour.

      According to the mother showman, it needs about 30 thousand rubles a month for upkeep husband. “We are unpretentious in food, I don’t go anywhere. The only thing I can do is go to the store,” – said the mother of a showman. The woman also talked about the difficulties in the life of their spouse. “He’s a very good, decent man who lived a hard life. His father died at the age of 28. The husband worked nights as a watchman to study for the day. He was educated at the Kazan aviation Institute, studied engines, aviation apparatuses, it is very difficult profession,” – said Nadezhda Pavlovna.

      Each Stepan Menschikova Vadim Khusainov told that Stepan spends a lot on the contents of his own family. His wife is in an interesting position, and the man could not suit the heir to the kindergarten. Friends and relatives of the wife men’shchikova is also constantly asking to borrow it. “He’s pulling the money” – summed up Khusainov.

      At the end of the broadcast, the singer Andrey Kovalev, the godfather of the son of Stepan Menschikova, promised to help the entertainer with the children’s garden. “I take”, – said the artist. However, the main conflict in the family star telestroke remained unresolved. Stepan did not comment on the final statement of his mother.

      “It would ruin my life if I separated from my father,” said Nadezhda Pavlovna.