Mom Stasi Malikova at war with her haters in a Network

Мама Стеши Маликовой воюет с ее ненавистниками в Сети The woman admitted that she reads the comments left by subscribers to its successor on the Internet. Sometimes Elena Malikova does not maintain and even comes with a particularly aggressive Stasi followers in conversation. She it girl not so sensitive to criticism from strangers.

      This year 16-year-old Stesha Malikova not only debuted at the Ball debutantes Tatler, but a couple of times made in the performance of the father “Flip the game” with his DJ-set. It is worth noting that the girl was well-known before these events: Stesha is a fairly successful model and very popular in the Internet. On “Instagram” Malikova signed by more than 420 thousand people, which is about four times more than the number of followers her famous dad.

      Stesha Malikova presented boyfriend’s friends from high society

      Of course, such a large number of fans of the daughter about her parents. Mom Stasi, Elena Malikova, follow the life of the heiress on the Internet. In addition, the woman admitted that she regularly visits a blog for girls to read the comments that I leave under her posts. The wife of a famous singer was told that it is sometimes difficult to restrain herself when she sees the discussion of social network users. Sometimes Elena was so stressed out discussion followers Stasi that it begins to answer them. She Stesha not so sensitive to criticism from strangers. According to it-girl, it is quite natural.

      “Recently, Evelina khromtchenko said to me, “Stesha herself has a blog or someone’s been helping her?” Saying: “She leads us with Dima not let go. But I really read all the comments. And when I lose my because of evil statements and I respond to these “writers,” Stesha says: “I do Not need sleek pages, let the people speak! Maybe they have nowhere else,” – said Elena Malikova reporters.

      In one of his interviews Stesha talked about the fact that she has a lot of haters and envious. However, the girl tries not to pay attention to what you post. In the future Malikov plans to study in MGIMO international journalism. So now Stesha a lot of studying to successfully pass all the exams. Every day when a graduate comes out of school, she continues to work with the Tutors. Elena Malikova said that her successor is hard at work every day. According to the woman, the image that is emerging from some of the haters Stasi on the Internet, far from the truth. “Many people think that she’s a glamour girl who only goes shopping and Shine at parties. And she’s a farmer, studying from morning to night, knows French and English, and better than we with Dima”, – the woman told the publication “Seven days”.