“Mom son”: as Ksenia Sobchak will bring the firstborn

«Мама сына»: как Ксения Собчак будет воспитывать первенца TV presenter gave birth to a son early in the morning on November 18. Fans and friends congratulate the woman and her husband with such a joyous event. “StarHit” figured out how to grow the heir of a famous family.

      Ksenia Sobchak gave birth to first child on November 18. A baby was waiting for much sooner. There was even talk that the heir to the star present her with a special gift and be born on the day of its 35th anniversary. Despite the interesting position of the star attending social events, which were held in Moscow, and also travelled a lot. Ksenia Sobchak gave her husband a son

      Fans congratulations to Ksenia and her husband Maxim Vitorgan with the addition to the family. Some time after the birth of her son, TV presenter personally informed about this happy event in his microblog. “18.11.16 now the happiest day. I am a mother of a beautiful boy,” shared the celebrity subscribers. “StarHit” decided to recall the main rules which intend to follow a star in the upbringing of your child.

      According to the presenter, the first time after giving birth she wants to spend outside the city, as in Moscow it is difficult to walk with your child. Earlier, the mother Sobchak Lyudmila Narusova told journalists that will necessarily help my daughter with her baby. Probably the first time they will live it in the suburbs.

      “I’m a city person, but life is that made adjustments. Understand that the child in the country will be more comfortable, there is fresh air. Walking with a stroller on the garden ring nakipova,” – said Ksenia.

      The boy’s mother thinks that she will have to learn something new, in particular, become more careful and responsible. For example, she and her husband learn to close the doors and cabinets. “All our claims to the children based on the fact that children distorting mirror of the parents. The child has no chance to grow not a slob, if you did leave stuff. But you can not blame him – he sees it as hypocrisy,” – said Sobchak.

      It is interesting that, despite a fairly active social life, which are accustomed herself Xenia, joy pose for photographers at high-profile events young son Sobchak and Vitorgan will be deprived. Previously, the star said that he does not consider the baby accessory, and therefore wants to protect it from prying eyes. Ksenia condemns parents who always take their children with them. In her opinion, it affects the psyche. In this case, the baby gets undeserved attention and gradually realizes that everything in this life he can get easily.

      In the upbringing of the heir of Xenia will help the family and the nanny. “I never understood friends who complained about how hard it is to choose a normal person. Thought: “What are the difficulties to find aunt?” It turned out that the nanny is a portal to hell,” – said Sobchak in an interview with Tatler.

      By the way, Maxim Vitorgan rich experience in the education of children. He has a growing son and a daughter from a previous marriage. Looking at them, she realized initially that the actor will make a great father. Now the woman working on them. She is aware of what negative shit she could get and ready to go for it. According to Sobchak, she often raises her voice, and too vividly expresses emotions. Ksenia is ready to overcome all difficulties, since they had earlier said that he wants to be a good mom. Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan choose a name for a child