Мама Собчак рассказала, как изменилась Ксения после замужества

Ksenia Sobchak always differed quite an explosive temper, but, according to the mother of journalist and editor-in-chief of the magazine L’officiel Lyudmila Narusova, after a meeting with the actor Maxim Vitorgan, her daughter has changed for the better.

Mom Sobchak was confident that the daughter became more compliant, soft, gentle, not so categorical in their statements and actions.

Ksyusha has changed dramatically with the advent in her life, Maxim became more calm, balanced, not as explosive, more responsible in his statements, in relation to issues, always considering the questions and the one and the other. Not valid in the forehead. That is what I a grateful in-law. Because Maxim corrects the deficiencies of my upbringing. And does it very delicately” — confessed Lyudmila in an interview with reporters.

It would seem that the relations mother and daughter finally went back to normal. Now the mother-in-law with great joy treats son-in-law, always glad to see family Sobchak-Vitorgan at home, but still some distance in dealing with mother Xenia is trying to maintain: “I know that there are taboo subjects that I should not touch, and do not. It is a question of her relationship with Maxim. I can watch from the sidelines, but if I do not ask – do not climb. However, advice on love Affairs I did not give daughter never, even when she was not yet married. And she had different fans. Like, this good, and this is not. And now even more so. Think she knows what she wants, and if he makes mistakes, they are her own.”

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