Мама беременной Алены Рапунцель просит дочь простить измену Ильи Яббарова Participants “House-2” are unable to reconcile. Mom Alena Rapunzel moved that Ilya Yabbarov can’t find a place because of possible rupture. A parent shared their experiences and asked the daughter not to get excited.
Мама беременной Алены Рапунцель просит дочь простить измену Ильи Яббарова

A serious scandal broke out in the perimeter of the reality show — Alena pregnant Rapunzel found out about the infidelity of the bridegroom. The other woman, which Ilya Yabbarov sent the unequivocal message that was ex-the participant of the project Daria Senkova. Dasha admitted that the wrong man she doesn’t need, she just wanted to get justice.

Alena still can not recover from the betrayal of the groom. But, despite this, the mother of 21-year-old girl persuades her to forgive Elijah and give him a chance. This behavior of her that was a surprise for Rapunzel, she believes that the mother is not should protect the abuser.

“Give him a chance. I see that he just gets frustrated that you lost. I feel sorry for him. And pity you,” said Tatiana.

However, a pregnant woman is not configured to go to the world changed with her fiancé. Earlier, the sister of Alyona, Olga Rapunzel, warned a relative about possible problems with Ilya, because Olya and she went through a bad relationship and Habarovym.

Mistress Ilya Yabbarov proved him cheating bride pregnant

“You say, “make peace with Habarovym”. He’s an asshole!” — in the hearts cried Alena.

By the way, this is not the first scandal that hits Ilya. Earlier this year it became known that for some time he had not paid alimony of the daughter of Vladislav. Moreover, Yabbarov doubted that the girl was born from it. However, these circumstances, it seems, did not bother his new beloved.

Ilya Yabbarov decided on a DNA test

Despite a difficult relationship with her sister, Olga was sympathetic to the situation. Last summer, she almost became a single mother, surviving infidelity spouse. However, after the scandal Ola managed to keep the family together with Dmitry Dmitrenko. Recently, the pair returned to the project from maternity leave with three-month old daughter Vasilisa.