Мама пятярех детей Водянова выглядит, как подросток

Two months later after giving birth, supermodel boasted a perfectly flat tummy.

Looking for 34-year-old Natalia Vodianova, it’s hard to believe that she is the mother of five children. Wait, wait! She really 34? (If I hadn’t looked on “Wikipedia”, I would not have believed it.)

Here and fans like you would not believe. No wonder that next the the supermodels of Instagram created a furor.

On the photo Natalia standing next to her 11-year-old son Victor. And looks more like his sister than mother. Slender arms, toned buttocks, a completely flat stomach… And it comes just two months after giving birth! (Read more HERE).

Someone will say: “And why are you surprised? A month after the birth of a fifth son, Roman, Natalia already paraded on the catwalk in outfits by Givenchy”.

And we just hand breed and say in response: “that’s willpower!”

By the way, the secret harmony Vodianova “how” is simple. The model follows a clear daily routine and strictly watch their diet. For Breakfast – porridge or soft-boiled egg, lunch – vegetable salad. Try here’t get fat!

While Vodianova says that he does not consider himself a sports fan. Fees of the children to school – for her the best training.

And all the same footage a La Instagram HLS appear to be a supermodel with an enviable periodicity. So the other day Vodianova boasted his new passion for SUP and surfing, in fact, riding on the paddle Board, which is not easy…

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