Mom Natalia Gulkin blames himself for her abortion

Мама Натальи Гулькиной винит себя в ее аборте The woman who this year celebrates the anniversary of its creative activity, became the heroine of the program “Let them talk”. In a live TV show we were talking about the first serious passion Natalia Gulkin. Over the years, the artist continued to remember the man who was having strong feelings.

      Мама Натальи Гулькиной винит себя в ее аборте

      30 years ago the Golden voice of the group “Mirage” Natalia Gulkina began her career on stage. The whole country knows the song became a cult band. Millions of men dreamed to meet a girl like sexy blonde. Recently gulkin was the guest of the program “Let them talk”. In the Studio TV show Natalia remembered a previous relationship, and told about the conflict with colleagues and revealed the secrets of the diet.

      The famous singer met his first serious love, when she was 15 years old. A year later, Natalia became pregnant.

      “I didn’t dilemmas, to leave him or not, because we were in love with.. I was scared. At first I did not understand when did these natural physiological processes, such as nausea and vomiting. In General, there was no doubt whatsoever. But my mother said flatly: “No.” Although by Serezha’s mother Seraphim, on the contrary, spoke: “Let’s leave, I’ll help,” shared the star.
      Мама Натальи Гулькиной винит себя в ее аборте

      Over the years, the mother of the actress said that really regrets what happened. “It’s a shame that it all turned out, but what to do?.. I think it’s easy?.. I regret it and blame myself. But now that is impossible to remake?” – told Lyudmila Gradova.

      Young people are very much worried because of current situation. Then beloved artist Sergey went to the army. “He said, “You wait for me, I will come, and everything will be fine” – says the artist. However, the plans of the young people was not to be.

      A few years gulkin accidentally collided with elected officials in one of the capital’s Department stores. The former lovers sat and talked. At that time Sergei was married and was the proud father. However, after some time the man died. His mother Serafima Silakov told that the son died from a stroke.

      “November 20 was 9 years old. When he died, he was 44. A little has not lived before the birthday. The only son, helped. Life was sorry that Natasha and Seryozha did not happen” – said an elderly woman.
      Мама Натальи Гулькиной винит себя в ее аборте

      Then Seraphim Silakova appeared in Studio of a TV show. When the actress saw her, I couldn’t hold back the tears. Woman not seen for 33 years. “My dear mother, I love you. All these years…” said gulkin. Currently Silakova focus on the family. “Two grandchildren, one great-granddaughter,” – said the mother of a former beloved star.

      In the Studio also raised the issue of conflict member of the group “Mirage”. Margarita Suhankina shared his version of the events and congratulated a colleague on his birthday. “She tried to leave. When this happened, she began to tell the media that threw her out. It’s not true. It has not been kicked out,” shared the woman.

      However, gulkin said that she was not telling the truth. Another soloist of the popular group, the Svetlana Razina supported friend.

      Мама Натальи Гулькиной винит себя в ее аборте

      Then presenter Andrey Malakhov asked the actress how she managed to lose weight phenomenal. “When I saw that was square, then decided it was time to take myself in hand. Here is the result, I continue to support him and to drop weight,” he told the star.

      In turn, nutritionist Mikhail Gavrilov noted that the singer has a fantastic work ethic. “Want to look young, listen songs Natalia Gulkina,” joked the man.

      Мама Натальи Гулькиной винит себя в ее аборте

      In the program not paid attention to the fact that a famous singer is helping other people. So, the artist does not remain aloof from fires in Khakassia. The people of the region Yulia Artemyeva daughter Pauline thanked her and presented her with a souvenir.

      Then the actress recalled her previous relationship. Behind the actress – four marriage, but she did not lose hope to find true love. “Today I can say that my heart is free and I’m waiting for my man”, – shared the singer.

      One of the guests of the TV show was the third husband of the star Sergey Mandrik. According to Gulkin, he has an understanding wife that allowed her husband to congratulate ex-lover with the anniversary of creative activity. He denied that was the wrong wife. “I didn’t cheat on her. I left because it happened” – said the man.

      Мама Натальи Гулькиной винит себя в ее аборте

      In the final programme in the Studio there was a children artist Jan Mandrik and Alex Gulkin. The daughter of the actress does not yet know who will be in the future. “To be a singer – it is very hard work. Be so kind, as a mom, and so much plowing is impossible,” said Jan. In turn, the son of the actress has told, that deals with creativity. “He is the eternal student, he is studying”, – said Natalia gulkin.