Mom Lazarev told about the relationship with his son

Мама Лазарева рассказала об отношениях с сыном

Valentina a year ago, helped Sergei in the household.

For more than a month all eyes are on Sergey Lazarev… the Singer has reached such popularity that even Lego toys released with his image. Well, as you realize that each of the fans were on their own “Lazarus”.

But it’s all tongue-in-cheek. Yes, and Sergei does not like to be Frank. The mother of the singer Valentina told what her son really is.

“I’m retired for the third year. Get up early, go to sleep tired but happy. The first time I went to help Sergei in the household, and then he stopped me to ask. I felt so sad, saying: “Son, I don’t want already?” He looked at me so seriously and said, “Mom, how can? We rose, and when his pleasure the will to live?” And it is right!” – said Valentina Viktorovna, writes Starhit.

According to the woman, the glory of the son she tries not to use… But once had.

“Were driving to the cottage, was just one kilometer, and my side crashed into some girl. The guys from the traffic police arrived, look documents, and insurance ended. They say: “Go, Valentina, renew, then come back. We wait five hours, and then impound your car”. How to go on it? Stand on the track. Call my son, and he to the plane. Answers: “Rather, give the social security number will solve everything! I think he is now to take off, and here I am with my problem. I suggest: “Serge, maybe I should admit that I am your mother? Give up and you will explain?” He laughed, so I gently: “Guys, please talk to your son. Machine it carries. You know him…” They are surprised and take phone. Look, smiled, talked with Sergei and let me go”, she said.

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