Mom Ksenia Sobchak’s life criticizes her

Мама Ксении Собчак всю жизнь ее критикует
Ksenia Sobchak not only a successful broadcaster but also a happy wife and mother, and she now devotes all his time to the election program for the post of President.

Мама Ксении Собчак всю жизнь ее критикует

In a recent interview she admitted that her mother, Lyudmila Narusova is a very strict person, which all her life she suffers. And now she is forced to endure criticism from my mom.

Мама Ксении Собчак всю жизнь ее критикует

“Mom likes to criticize me when my husband loves something to comment on… I know she always wanted me to be the best. But it has another side. I’ve never heard words of praise that I would like to hear. I don’t want my son was the same way. I would like to learn to let go is not to criticize, take it for what it is, regardless of whether I like it or not,” said Sobchak.

Recall that Ksenia is now married to actor Maxim Vitorgan and from them grows a charming son Platon.

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