Mom, Kamiren has hinted at a possible reconciliation with the daughter Zagajnovym

Мама Камирен намекнула на возможное примирение дочери с Задойновым Elena Camerin commented on the participation of Elina and Alexander in a TV show to discuss their relationship. According to her, young people are still in love with each other and together are engaged in the education of her daughter.

      Мама Камирен намекнула на возможное примирение дочери с Задойновым

      Last week in the program “live” all over the country discussing the relationship of the ex-participants “House-2” Elina and Alexander, Kamiren Zadoinov. On the TV show, the man said that he doubts that he is the father of Alexandra, born Elina in 2014. Zadoinov such suspicions was the fact that she communicated during that period with a certain influential businessman, from whom she could get pregnant. However, a DNA test established the relationship of Alexander and his daughters.

      Zadoinov doubted his fatherhood and insists on a DNA test

      After the show in social networks actively discussed the connection between Elina and Sasha: is it love or just the desire to raise a daughter. The situation clarified kamiren mother, Elena. She said that her daughter has no complaints about the father of the baby. The woman replied to the comments of subscribers of his microblog, that they had left it placed under a joint photo with Zagajnovym.

      “Really, the program is not ice. The most disgusting. Alexander loved. Yeah and my looks are in love with each other”, – explained Elena in the microblog.

      Many believe that the participation of Elina and Alexandra in the show was nothing more than a PR. Sharing photos on social networks say more about that couple often talks walks together with her daughter.In mid-April, Elena, Cameren wrote that Zadoinov makes repairs in Yaroslavl and is friends with her daughter: “Conflicts between Sasha and Elina not. This is a real relationship between two adults”.

      Despite the lack of problems in dealing with Zagajnovym, Elina’s mother believes that her daughter deserves more, and will not be able to live in poverty. Really, now, Kamiren rents an apartment with her daughter at a cost of about 85 thousand rubles a month, goes by expensive car, and indulges in a luxury treatment themselves.

      In an exclusive interview with “StarHit” eks-the participant “Houses-2” have argued that the future of their relationship with Alexander no. Elina, Kamiren for the first time about breaking up with someone: “He just left”

      “I decided for myself: as man and woman we don’t exist – only as friends and parents of a common child. It’s a shame that before Sasha was excited, he wanted to win, did it and lost interest. I have the opposite: to hear about it did not want, and found out that you’re expecting, just went crazy with happiness, crying, realized that madly in love. Back in December we wanted to sign, but even then it was only for the sake of my daughter,” said Elina.

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